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Why Runners Need Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements?

Published : Apr 08, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Dec 27, 2022

Are you a sportsperson? Are you into running? If yes, then you must know the importance of the absorption of calcium in your blood. The lack of calcium can lead to hypocalcemia (abnormally low levels of calcium in the blood). Every runner must have strong bones, which can only be achieved by rectifying the calcium absorption problem in the blood. The times have come when nothing is pure and healthy, just like the old times. Thus, even if you are not into sports or any other physical activity, you must still take supplements on a daily basis to fulfilling the requirements of the body, which nowadays is not possible with a healthy diet only. So not only did runners should take the supplements in their routine, but also the ordinary people must involve these health enhancers in their lifestyle for better routines. Learn the problems that are caused due to a lack of calcium in the body! 

The following problems are mostly witnessed by people who have calcium deficiency in their bodies:

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones tend to become weak and brittle. It causes both thinning and weakening of the bones because of a lack of bone growth in the body.

Depression - Calcium deficiency is highly correlated to the feeling of depression, although there is no specific evidence. These symptoms can be reduced with the help of calcium supplements.

Muscle spasms - Neuromuscular irritability also known as muscle spasms are commonly found in people who lack calcium content. Muscles and nerves are directly related to blood calcium levels, so it ends up causing spasms or twitching.

Memory loss - Memory loss is the symptom of a lack of blood calcium levels at later stages. It is considered one of the severe symptoms of hypocalcemia. Calcium supplements must be taken at an early stage to avoid such circumstances.

Tingling sensations in different body parts like the feet and hands - Numbness and tingling of hands, feet, arms, legs, and around the mouth is another most seen symptom of calcium deficiency. These sensations indicate a severe deficiency, and these symptoms may come and go, but they don’t disappear with anything.  Thus, to avoid these problems, everyone should maintain the level of calcium mineral in their blood.
Ways to improve the absorption of calcium in the blood

As we all know that calcium absorption in the blood is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Thus, we must learn ways to improve this absorption process. Here are a few different ways to do this function:

Intake of Vitamin D
Both Vitamin D and Calcium walk hand in hand. Without the presence of an adequate amount of Vitamin D in your body, it gets difficult for the blood cells to absorb calcium from your meals. Vitamin D is essential for increasing the concentration of calcium in the human body. The best possible way the intake Vitamin D apart from the diet is by basking in the sunlight. The best time for absorbing sunlight is in the early hours of the day. And only 15 – 20 minutes of sun exposure is enough for the entire day.

Intake of food rich in Vitamin D
Apart from sun exposure, it is important to intake food that is rich in Vitamin D. Some of the Vitamin D-rich food is Fortified Milk, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, fortified cereal, Margarine, Shrimp, and Oysters.

Intake of Calcium-rich food
With the intake of Vitamin D, you must also include calcium-rich food in your diet. There are vast ranges of food items that are rich in calcium and are quite readily available in the market. Some of them are Fortified orange juice, Dairy products, Soybeans, and other soy products, Skim milk, Blackstrap Molasses, Leafy vegetables including turnips, collard greens, kale, spinach, Rice and almond milk, etc.

Another critical element for calcium absorption by the body is magnesium
Both calcium and magnesium are interdependent on each other for renal excretion and intestinal absorption. The lack of magnesium directly indicates the absence of calcium in the human body. Our body is not made to store magnesium, so it is essential to add magnesium-rich food to your diet. Some of the best sources of magnesium are Cucumbers, Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, Spinach, Green Beans, Mustard greens, etc.
Read About The Benefits Of Calcium!
Calcium is needed for the development of bones and teeth. Although only 1% calcium is circulated in the human blood, it acts as the primary catalyst for the functioning of many body activities. It plays many roles in benefitting the human body, and some of these benefits are mentioned below:
• Calcium is required to fight against many diseases like depression, hypertension, colon cancer, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and pre-menstrual syndrome.
• Calcium plays a vital role in the weight loss process by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol level in the person.
• You must introduce calcium-rich supplements in your everyday diet along with exercise to receive the maximum benefits of calcium.
• Calcium works along with various useful minerals for the development of bones, nails, hair, and muscles.
Buy Calcium and Vitamin D Health Supplements For Better Results!

Why Runners Need Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements?
According to research, it is proven that adding supplements of both calcium and vitamin D not only reduces bone loss but also increases bone mass, which eventually reduces the chances of fractures or any other bone damage.
It is quite evident through studies that supplements are very much effective in offering overall growth of the body. It increases and also maintains bone density. Doctors highly recommend these supplements to athletes, runners, and women of 30+ age.
Fast & Up Fortify is one of the most recommended products that prevent bone loss and supports bone health. It is gentle on the stomach and can be easily digested. Fortify completes your daily requirement for calcium.
As you know that nothing is pure and nutritious these days; thus, the addition of several supplements to your diet can be guaranteed to fulfill all the nutrition requirements of your body. Therefore, every sportsperson must include these supplements in their diet for improved performance on the field.

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