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Why Effervescent tablet technology?

Published : Jun 04, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Aug 11, 2022

Effervescent tablets are an interesting pharmaceutical dosage form, offering some unique advantages when compared with simple tablets which were designed to break in contact with liquid such as water or juice, often causing the tablet to dissolve into a solution.

Why the fizz from the effervescent tablets?

Effervescent tablets were designed to produce solutions that release carbon dioxide when in contact with water. The carbon dioxide mixes with the air which causes the fizz. These tablets are prepared by compressing the active ingredients with mixture of sodium bicarbonate and organic acids such as citric and tartaric acid.

Why Effervescent tablet technology

Here we look at these unique benefits of effervescent tablets over regular tablets:

  • Easy to measure:

Effervescent tablets are easily dissolved into water or a liquid of your choice and then after a while well mixed and ready to drink. Some tablets or powders, however, need to be measured and stirred in repeatedly to avoid an inconsistent drink with lumpy bits and an odd taste and this is where effervescent tablets are more efficient. Simply drop them in and they dissolve fully and evenly ensuring you get all the benefits of the tablet which is easy to drink too.

  • Easy alternative to regular tablets:

Effervescent tablets are great alternative for those who may have trouble swallowing either due to illness or age. Older individuals may have difficulty swallowing but need to take medication or supplements on a regular basis. Effervescent tablets can be a lot easier than having to swallow a tablet for them. Also, it is a good way of ingesting medicine for individuals with sore throats or medical issues that make swallowing difficult and so are a viable alternative to regular tablets.

  • Pleasant taste compared to regular tablets:

Effervescent tablets are so popular due to the different flavors available in it. Also, they can be dissolved in a liquid such as water or fruit juice, meaning that they often taste better than regular tablets. Conventional tablets dissolve slowly which can result in reduced absorption rates, effervescent tablets, in contrast, dissolve quickly and completely, meaning you get the full nutritional benefits from the ingredients present in it.

  • Distributed more evenly in the liquid:

Consumers who have problems ingesting whole tablets or capsules, effervescent applications provide a favorable alternative. With a dissolved effervescent tablet, active ingredients are evenly distributed in the solution so no localized concentrations occur. The solution also contains a buffer, a balanced ratio of acids and carbonates.

  • Increased liquid intake:

It provides the nutritional benefits intended, but in addition to this they also increase liquid intake. It is beneficial if you are dehydrated or ill and not ingesting as much fluid as usual. Effervescent tablets can be a good way of rehydrating.

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