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When is the ideal time to consume Glutamine

When is the ideal time to consume Glutamine?

The popularity and importance of Glutamine is on the rise among the fitness enthusiast and gym goers along with people who want ti enhance their overall health and immunity. In this article we would be describing about Glutamine and what is the ideal time to take it in order to have maximum benefit.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is a semi conditional amino acid. Protein are basically made up of amino acids, which acts as building blocks. Glutamine is usually found in the blood stream in large quantities and helps in Nitrogen supply. Although Glutamine is produced by body, since it is considered semi – conditional amino acid it has to be consumed through food or dietary supplements in order to meet the demand.

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Why do we need Glutamine?

When one exercises or is into any endurance activity, body utilizes energy reservoir in order to keep exercising or performing that activity. So once you are exercising, body utilizes the stored Glutamine levels in the body in order for muscle repair, muscle building and prevention of muscle damage post workout.

In recent studies Glutamine has also been found to play important role in immunity, gut health and athletic performance as well. Glutamine helps to enhance the gut health, where 70% of our immunity is located. It helps to strengthen the gut lining that acts as barrier to entry of foreign pathogens, toxins and chemicals in to blood stream. Glutamine also acts as fuel source of energy for the immune cells, as most immune cells prefer Glutamine as source of energy rather than Glucose for better functioning.

Most people obtain Glutamine from their diet, which is usually not sufficient to meet increasing demand to enhance their performance or maintain immunity and overall health. There have been many studies showing that Glutamine supplementation post workout with water or through any healthy beverage helps to enhance recovery process, helps improve gut health, boosts immunity, faster wound healing and speed up recovery process.

When should one take Glutamine?

The best time to consume Glutamine supplement is post workout, usually 30minutes within the workout. There is nutrient timing post the workout session, where the ability of body to absorb nutrients increases. When you consume Glutamine post your workout it helps in muscle protein synthesis. After exercise there are mirco tears that occurs in muscle or fiber and tissue. Glutamine intake helps with protein synthesis that help to build muscle and prevent muscle wastage or damage. Glutamine helps your body to recover faster thereby reducing the recovery time and preparing you for the next workout or session. It will help you push that harder than you would normally do by helping boost your strength and repair your muscles.

Glutamine is known to having the ability to draw water and salt into muscle cells. This ensures faster protein synthesis as cells are hydrated, enlarged and swollen. This means that Glutamine helps to stimulate an increase in cell volume as well as protein synthesis. This ensures faster muscle recovery, injury prevention and reducing muscle fatigue.

How much Glutamine should one take?

Ideally the Glutamine intake should be around 5 – 10g depending on the workout session or activity In case of people into endurance sports or into rigorous body building the dosage can be around 10-15g as well.

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Supplementing with Fast&Up Glutamine

Fast&Up Glutamine designed with ultra – granulation technology helps with faster nutrient absorption Each 5g scoop of Fast&Up Glutamine is completely pure, unadulterated and unflavoured. It can be easily mixed with water or BCAA or any other health beverage as well.

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