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What is the SBI Green Marathon?

Published : Dec 10, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Dec 07, 2023

What is the SBI Green Marathon?

All set to be the biggest single branded marathon property in India, the SBI Green Marathon is about cherishing the spirit of environmental sustainability and securing a green future for our progeny. This marathon is in line to be one of the most unique, exciting and entertaining runs. It is a perfect amalgamation of active healthy living for today to create a better tomorrow. The principal objective of this marathon is to raise awareness about the worsening discrepancy between nature and human life.

Fast&Up, as you may know, is driven to fuel a change in the world we live in, and we stand in affirming solidarity with the run and as the official energy drink partner of the Green Marathon, we wish to nourish all the enthusiastic runners in their bid for environmental sustainability, quite literally, every step of the way.

If all of this and more, excites you, this run will be an absolute must for any individual. To register, go on www.fastandup.in where you can register for the run, and be a part of a force that pushes for better living conditions for our future generations.

What is the SBI Green Marathon?

A Zero Wastage Run

The admirable initiative of using plantable marathon bibs- the first of its kind in India- transforms this race into a zero wastage run, which means that after the race is over your turn to nourish the soil for future growth begins.

Fast&Up Fuels The Change

Change how you dispose of plastic. Plastic must always be recycled. If disposed of responsibly, it can actually benefit the environment, in ways. If recycled, plastic can be made to form recycled polyester which in turn is made to produce a number of things like shoes, T-shirts, bags, etc. thereby causing fewer detriments on natural resources.

Therefore, Fast&Up has decided to initiate our own bottle for change: if you return 10 used tubes or jars of Fast&Up you stand the chance to win a thrilling gift we are sure you will be pleased to possess. Not only are you fuelling the change to our environment, by your act of recycling, but you get something directly in return! Stand a chance of winning exciting rewards for the simple act of responsible recycling.

What is the SBI Green Marathon?

When is it happening?

If you have missed the previously concluded SBI Green Marathon 2019, do not fret, as there are several more lined up for you to participate in and help our society push for a better tomorrow. Here is the list of upcoming runs taking place near you:

  • Chennai Edition – 1st December 2019 – To register Click here
  • Bhubaneshwar Edition – 8th December 2019 – To register Click here
  • Bhopal Edition – 2nd February 2020 – To register Click here
  • Ahmedabad Edition – 9th February 2020 – To register Click here
  • Patna Edition – 16th February 2020 – To register Click here
  • Jaipur Edition – 23rd February 2020 – To register Click here
  • Chandigarh Edition – 15th December 2019 – To register Click here
  • Kolkata Edition – 23rd February 2020 – To register Click here

So, we hope to see you at the various runs taking place across the nation, wherein you are an integral part of continuing this initiative that will safeguard the years to come by further ensuring initiatives like the Green Marathon are encouraged and raise the awareness they intend to. Let’s make India greener together!

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