Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Published : Sep 22, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss - Fast&Up

    Vegetarian diet is basically a plant-based diet which many Indians follow religiously. Vegetarian diets have many triggering factors like muscle loss, low energy levels, nutrient deficiencies like B12, fatigue, less choices towards food options etc. due to which various metabolic syndromes are observed. As per recent studies the rate of obesity is 39% and is increasing at a rate of 5% per year. Risks of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, along with their ensuing complications (eg, behavioural health and quality-of-life problems) often go hand-in-hand and are strongly linked to lifestyle, especially dietary choices!!

    The real definition of healthy eating is the one which is related to balanced meals which are cost effective, reduces BMI along with mortality rate, and where medications dosages can be reduced at the same time. The drawback of many people here is that the portions of carbohydrates is huge with very less intake of protein thus creating imbalance. And here the role comes of a Dietician, where she needs to educate the mass on portion control system which can bring in sustainability. What, when, why and how to eat is the key for the same and no social media or any untrained professional will be able to clarify this point.

    Many people think it’s not possible to follow specific diet for lifelong but the real truth is that nutritional requirements change at every stage of life. A well-planned vegetarian diet plan is the one where the food distribution can meet 50% calories through complex carbohydrates with 30% high biological value proteins and 20% healthy fats. This formula needs to be applied in all 3 major meals. Never to combine two carbohydrates sources together which many people do…Though the protein sources are limited but adding 1 to 1.5 bowl pulses [depending on persons weight] to every meal in form of dals, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds, soyabean, sattu, skimmed milk powder, hummus, unsweetened peanut butter, milk and milk products would prove beneficial.

    Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss 1- Fast&Up

    While planning management of any specific disorder, the initial target needs to be metabolism which gets affected in many cases and then fat loss along with inch loss! Metabolic enhancers like methi seed water, isabgol, aloevera juice, kombucha can be incorporated early morning to balance body’s pH as well as for fat loss. Green tea, chilli pepper, citrus fruits like amla, papaya, kiwi, berries, avocado and vegetables like broccoli, greens, capsicum are food sources which boosts body’s metabolism to a great extent. Also, food sources such as oats, broken wheat, quinoa, brown rice, probiotic yoghurt, olive oil, chia seeds would add on further to healthy weight loss if added on a daily basis. Eliminating three whites in day-to-day life has been proved successful to many but a bit challenging for all i.e, maida, sugar and salt which works wonders.

    All diets have to be tailor made by the Registered Dietician. Physical parameters along with lifestyle needs to be considered while customizing a diet plan. By inculcating good fibre, antioxidants rich foods [anti-inflammatory in nature], ensuring good carbs with equal amounts of proteins and inculcating physical activity along with it would prove beneficial.

    Diet is not always about low carb or soups and stir fry. It is all about discipline, it requires planning and regularity.

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    Nutrition and diet

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