Top Cricket Debates

Published : Aug 26, 2019
  • 2 mins read
  • Updated On : Aug 08, 2022

    A nation that is more than passionate about cricket, as when India is playing everything else becomes secondary, a country where cricket is not just a sport but a religion and no other religion has more hardcore followers than cricket.

    All of us become pundits watching a cricket match, it is at this moment you might remember yourself yelling at the TV, Aisa shot khelna chahiye tha or some other free ki advice.

    And when someone doesn’t agree with you know how to put your points across. Let’s relive some of the debates most of us have had while discussing cricket with a friend.

            1. The Wall VS The Little Master

    Top cricket debates

    To each his own, Sachin is known as the god of cricket and Dravid as Mr. Dependable
    With two players who are legends in their own right, one the highest run getter and the other who has played the most deliveries.
    But both real gentlemen of the game

            2. The greatest Spinner of all time?

    Top cricket debates

    Shane Warne or Muralitharan, both of them a class apart in their trade, both stuck fear in the batsmen's heart and sometimes created a moment of magic, where the delivery was just unplayable

    One with 800 wickets in test and the other with 708, who do you think is the G.O.A.T?

            3. Shorter Formats VS Test

    The old school still consider test matches as the purest form of cricket which actually tests the abilities of the players involved to the limit.

    With time cricket has evolved and according to the need of the viewers the format has shortened and the fast paced action of T20 Cricket, where things can take a turn at any moment has seen an increase in followers

            4. Dhoni VS Ganguly

    Top cricket debates

    Responsibility on the shoulders of the captain, commentators like to say this a lot,

    Two captains who inspired two generations of cricket fans, and for some Ganguly will always be the guy who started the revolution and gave Dhoni a base to work with.

    For some Dhoni will be the choice just because of his ability to read the game, and staying calm in the storm, there is a reason he is the most successful captain India has ever seen.

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