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Top 5 Fielders In The Indian Premier League

Published : Oct 03, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

If you follow cricket, you know how fundamental it is that a team has a strong fielding presence. Few such players have outstandingly performed as they have reputedly safe hands that secure the ball and save those runs! Now that IPL 2020 is just around the corner let’s take a look at the top 5 fielders who have outshined in the IPL. Watch out for those high-flying jaw dropping fielding that this explosive game is known for!

1. Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo is one among the most in-demand foreign players within the IPL till now and his image as an excellent entertainer has drawn him many fans round the world, and not just India.

Generally he has been placed within the Mid wicket range, he has grabbed a number of the foremost breathtaking catches in his IPL career till now and entertained his fans on and off the bottom right along these years. Whilst taking 67 catches in his illustrated IPL career, he's right there at No. 5 in our coveted list of best Fielders within the IPL history. Moreover, it’s not only about the stops he makes or the catches he takes, but it’s also largely about his celebration style which has been loved by his fans all round the globe.

Top 5 Fielders In The Indian Premier League - Dwayne Bravo - Fast&up

2. Kieran Pollard

Kieron Pollard is that one name that has showcased a number of the simplest fielding attempts within the IPL history ever since he stepped into stage with Mumbai Indians. This 6 foot 7 inches tall giant isn't only a threat for all the bowlers round the world together with his Fiery batting and part-time bowling, but has made his mark within the fielding department with a number of the foremost unbelievable catches during his stint at the IPL.

3. Rohit Sharma

While most of the Cricketing experts might argue this fact, but Rohit Sharma is a reputed fielder in terms of catches taken within the IPL history thus far . Rohit has not only entertained his fans of these years together with his splendid batting performances but has scalped a number of the foremost unbelievable catches within the process. Rohit has always been the spearhead for his Mumbai Indians team and you'll see him grabbing those tough catches with an equivalent calmness which has been shown by him during his batting performances as well .

Although there are people that generally criticize him for his slow fielding sometimes , he has answered all of them together with his brilliant fielding at any given spot, be it the whichever position he is placed in. Aside from these positions he has made his name as an ideal slip fielder and grabbed a number of the foremost breathtaking catches within the process. He's at No. 3 on our list with 79 catches to his name within the IPL history thus far .

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4.Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is that one player who has always been considered the backbone of the CSK team alongside MS Dhoni and there are numerous instances when this celebrated cricketer has shown his class with some magnificent batting performances within the IPL history till now.

Still, his fielding can certainly be considered one among the opposite vital reasons for him being such a favorite to both CSK and MS Dhoni. Raina is IPL’s best fielder till now with 82 catches in his kitty over the past 10 seasons of IPL and he has scalped a number of the foremost unbelievable catches thus far within the IPL history also. As the Official Nutrition Partner of the Chennai Super Kings Fast&Up awaits Suresh Raina’s return to the IPL for his electrifying performances fueled by intelligent nutrition!

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