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Tips for Tata Mumbai Marathon

Published : Jan 03, 2020 1 mins read Updated On : Sep 19, 2023

Tips for Tata Mumbai Marathon

Running a marathon is exciting and also taxing to the body. The marathon enthusiasts keep no stone unturned to be mentally and physically ready to run a marathon. Many of the marathon events have large numbers of competitors with varying degrees of fitness. Even with all the preparations, some medical risks may be involved and it is prudent to keep and understand those. Blisters, bruises, lacerations, muscle cramps, heat stroke, hypothermia, hyponatremia, cardiovascular collapse are some common risks.

Sportspeople with diabetes, asthma or coronary artery disease may be at a higher risk and they must take adequate safety precautions and screen themselves before cleared to participate in the race.

The broad tips for marathon runners are-

  • All participants must do a pre-participation medical screening to ensure that they may not place them at undue risks during the race.
  • Take proper advice by attending pre-race seminars by medical personal etc.
  • They must ensure that have been doing the correct training for a while and understand the recovery strategies.
  • They must be sure of the consumption of sufficient carbohydrates before the race.
  • Eating a pre-race breakfast and drinking approximately 500-800ml of a 4-7% carbohydrate solution every hour during the race.
  • For events lasting less than one hour, water is the fluid of choice for rehydration. For longer events, a glucose - electrolyte drink like Informed Choice Certified Fast&Up Reload is preferred in order to improve endurance and to prevent hypoglycemia.
  • It is recommended that a hydration strategy is to be followed that he/she may be following during training.
  • Knowledge is power and prevention is the key to minimize any risks associated with participation in the event.

So, to conclude a pre-participation screening of the health condition, regular and appropriate training, sufficient carbohydrate loading before the race, following a hydration strategy and keeping a check on diabetes, asthma and Cardiovascular disease if you are suffering from these is a good measure to minimize the medical risks associated with participation in the marathon.

Fast&Up drink formulated with electrolytes will be present at the aid stations as the Official Energy Drink Partner of Tata Mumbai Marathon.

Tips for Tata Mumbai Marathon

Dr. Sudeep Satpathy
Dr. Sudeep Satpathy
Fast&Up Sports Science Advisor

Dr. Satpathy is an experienced international sports physician and associate professor. He has a large experience of working in the education and sports industries and is skilled in clinical researc... Read More

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