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First time at the Hyderabad Marathon? Here's what you should do.

Published : Jul 19, 2016 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 24, 2022

If you're a first-timer and a little lost amidst the frenzy and fervor of the Hyderabad Marathon, don't worry, we have some tips that will help you run that marathon like a pro! If you registered for the Hyderabad Marathon, that's a big first step in itself, you should be proud that you took the initiative and we are here to help you gear up for it!

  1. Give yourself time to prepare If you're running the Hyderabad half marathon, keep at least 12 weeks to train and prepare, whereas if you're planning to run a full 42k, a year's training is ideal.
There is no harm in training at your own speed, and you should do just that, to finish the Hyderabad Marathon in full glory!

  1. Join a training group or train with a friend If you're a first-timer, a little motivation always helps. That feeling when you know that others are training and you will be missed always pushes you to shed your excuses and hit the ground running. That extra motivation and determination can surely help you get through to the finish line at the Hyderabad Marathon!
  1. Maintain a training log Write down your run time, race time, daily mileage, heart rate, even how you felt that day. You won't remember these things later, so keeping track of your progress always helps in understanding your body and your training regime better.
  1. Get the right gear Long-distance running gear is vital in ensuring you have a good marathon run. Make sure you know what shoes and clothes are right for you and even important, don't try any new gear on the day of the Hyderabad Marathon. You could visit a nearby sporting goods store and explain your race and mileage requirements to find out what can suit you best. Stick with what has been researched, tried and tested by you in advance.
  1. Find the right hydration and nutrition People running the Hyderabad Marathon for the first time may not realize the role that correct hydration and nutrition play in marathon running. They give your body the fuel that it needs to train better and run faster. You can click here to find out what nutrition and hydration are correct for your body.
  1. Take Rest Days Amidst all the training energy and enthusiasm, don't forget the importance of post-workout nutrition and recovery! Make sure you give your muscles time to recover, and your body a chance to rest, at least 1 or 2 days a week. Overtraining is much worse than taking a day or two off!
  1. Cross Training and Strength Training Along with running to prep for the Hyderabad Marathon, one can also do some cross-training and strength training twice a week at a medium difficulty level to enhance strength and endurance for the Hyderabad Marathon.

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