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Published : Mar 16, 2017 5 mins read Updated On : Apr 15, 2017
Picture11 Many people have their own pre-race rituals, from eating a favorite healthy snack to visualizing running through a finish line. But being mindful before each training run could have a significant impact on your goals. When life gets busy, runners can forget that there is a purpose behind each of our workouts: to improve.?Every run is an opportunity to be better and more efficient than before, so why not set yourself up for success? It is important to soak in some important pre-race habits while you are on your pre-race running days. Focusing on the elements of your preparation for your pre-race day, you can control, will put you in the best position to achieve race-day success. Whether you've just started running or have been logging miles for years, chances are you want to squeeze as many runs as you can into an already busy schedule. You'll wake up early, skip a social gathering, and maybe even run through some aches and pains to fit that much needed run into your life. There's a buzz you get from running, and even though you know you can run better, sometimes just running at all feels like enough. Being well-prepared before any sort of physical activity can really help you settle in to your workout, leaving you satisfied long after you?ve finished your cool-down. The right food, drink, gear, muscle preparation and mentality will let you maximize the intensity of your workout while still remaining comfortable. But imagine if, before every run, you actually thought about it not as just another run but as a stepping stone towards something bigger? What if you didn't just run fast, but ran smart? Here is a list of 13 Race Day Running Tips you should do to ensure that you are making the most of your workout ? and maybe even have a little fun while doing it.? ? Say NO to STRESS! Being calm is the most important tip for pre-race day. Bring a book to read the previous night. Don?t fret. Relaxing is more important than actually sleeping the night before. Think of how you can best be calm, so that can mean avoiding negative people and negative things. Calm yourself before the run. GET-SET! ?Picture12 Start with good warm-up exercises?or walking or whatever suits you the best. Settle-in for the run. It will all improve your performance. ACTIVATE ?Picture13 You need to enhance oxygen availability to muscle cells and increase your blood flow and prevent Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress (EXIOS).You need to ensure your body is prepped at its optimum level to gain the maximum from your workout. Activate right with FAST&UP ACTIVATE?and enhance your performance. REPEAT the Practice Experimenting with new types of fuel, such as gels or drinks, may upset your stomach if you haven?t tested them out in training. Do what works for you. Bring your gear with you to the race. Don?t buy it the day before. Don?t ignore your comfort. Review your STRATEGY Pull up the course map and go over your goals for the race. Being mentally prepared will help you avoid the start line freak out. This is also a great time to bust out your running inspiration, whether that be a favorite quote, a motivating photo, or a song that gets you moving. FOCUS! Keep your eye and mind on your Goal ? you know what you can do so play to your strengths and make the most of it on the race day. Maintain your SLEEP-WAKE UP CYCLE For eight or nine hours, every night before the run. Keep your sleeps regular, so you turn in and wake up at the same time every day and maintain your sleep-wake up cycle. You don?t want to be sleepy or tired in your pre-race training and on your final race day. Groove in the PRE-WORKOUT mood! ?Picture14 Nothing gets you fired up for a run like a good pre-run pump up jam (Let?s Get it Started, Anyone?). Blast your favorite Pump-Up playlist while you're getting changed for your run, and during your warm up. Not only can music help elevate your mood and your energy level, but it can actually increase your heart rate, making you even more prepared to conquer some miles. AVOID a big meal One of the worst things you can do before a run: eat a big meal. Yes, I know, that food was delicious while you were eating it, but you?re going to regret it a mile into your run. Your stomach will thank you if you hold off from feasting, and stick to your normal pre-run snacks instead, but those, well adapted by your body. DON?T drink too much water and forget to go the bathroom Don?t overdrink and forget to use the washroom. Don?t ever leave the house before going the washroom. If you skip the washroom, you?ll probably end up begging for one around your second mile when there?s none nearby. AVOID Alcohol Pretty obvious why this is a no go. Alcohol dehydrates you, and if you?ve had a few too many before you go running, your balance and sense of direction can be inhibited. Keep in mind that if you are going out the night before you run, make sure to keep drinking water to help offset the effects of alcohol. Also, make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep. If you still wake up hungover, drink lemon water or any detox smoothie before you go on a run. Create your performing edge TOUGHNESS MINDSET ?Picture15 The mind and body are so well connected that to achieve a good outcome, you need to have the proper toughness mindset. The right internal state must be created first. Once you feel right inside, a quality performance can occur naturally and effortlessly. The appropriate internal state can bridge the gap between what you think you can accomplish and what you actually achieve. It can make the difference between just having the ability and realizing your true potential. Visualize your run in your head before you step your first foot for the run. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! ?Picture16 Know yourself and your capabilities well. Know that you can achieve everything you want if you work towards it. Don?t let negative thoughts or people put you down and make you have second thoughts about your ability to accomplish your goal. It will be best to start your pre-race training with a spoonful of Best Running Tips. Remember - Your job is YOU! Stay tuned for more Race Day Running Tips. Picture17


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