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SFA Championships 2019: Hyderabad

Published : Nov 12, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Dec 27, 2022

The recently concluded Sports For All Championship, which took place in Hyderabad, was an exemplar to the spirit of competition and marked bright prospects for the future of Indian sport. The tournament witnessed a total participation of 16,342 children across 20 sports and was received with overwhelming positivity. Taking place over 7 days, the days were packed with competition across thrilling events, awards, and activities. It’s hard to do justice to all the sporting drama that took place, but let us take an overview of the memorable performances that made a lasting impression. The competition was fueled with resources that enlivened the entire event and raised the standard of schooling competition. All this and more, have led us to await the arrival of the upcoming SFA in Mumbai eagerly!

SFA Championships 2019: Hyderabad

Best School Award: Vignan Vidyalaya, Nizampet

Vignan Vidyalaya received the award for the ‘best school’ for their outstanding participation and talent that secured the most number of overall medals throughout the championship. The children displayed incredible potential and inborn talent, and it was a delight to witness them sail to the top.

Fast&Up YoungStar of the Year Award: Nameer Mulani

Although there were numerous memorable performances across different sports, one athlete stood out for his outstandingly impressive form. Nameer, a bright 17-year-old talent from Indus International School in Hyderabad claimed the YoungStar award after showcasing his talent that announcing his presence with flair. The award was presented by season marathoner and Fast&Up Fit Squad athlete Avik Pal.

Maximum Female Athletes: Vignan Vidyalaya, Nizampet

The SFA tournament witnessed many spirited female athletes, out of which, most of them were students of Vignan Vidyalaya. Indeed, it was very encouraging to note that so many female athletes powered the event with their presence and it signified a bright future for Indian female athletes. They will, without a doubt, be at the forefront of world sport if platforms like SFA continue to provide a nourishing platform. So, onwards and upwards!

Fast&Up Fuels Young Stars

Keeping with SFA’s agenda to provide an elite sporting platform for one and all, Fast&Up wished to uplift the participants with nutrition fit for all-around vitality. Sports today are strikingly competitive and for children to reach the elite level of sport they deserve elite nutrition. The participants were provided the premier all-in-one multivitamins and immunity boosters from Fast&Up that maintained the energy levels of the participants, as well as, guarded their immunity during their prolonged physical exertion. The old days of serving ‘nimbu paani’ to young athletes are no more, and it is pleasing to see the athletes supported with appropriate sports nutrition.

SFA Championships Mumbai

With the resounding success of this SFA, we are certain that the next championship will be even more impactful and attract talent that will continue to uplift the spirit of Indian sports across different formats. SFA created a platform for passionate young athletes to hone their talents with the resources they deserve in order to raise and extend the future of Indian sports at a global level. All in all, we definitely look forward to the upcoming SFA Championship in Mumbai! Sticking to the motto of the campaign, the championship has made it ring true: 'Ab Jeetega India'

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