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Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League

Published : Sep 23, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 08, 2023

Cricket in India is regarded as a religion that people follow wholeheartedly. One of the biggest cricket leagues came into existence courtesy of the fan's love for the game. The Indian Premier League is coined as “India Ka Tyohar” which aptly describes the craziness of the fans. IPL brought in a revolution of cricket leagues around the globe, which now has become a talent-showcasing platform for many.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major reasons why IPL is one of the most successful and celebrated cricket leagues around the world-

1) IPL is the Biggest Festival in India

The Indian Premier League is the biggest festival in India, and we are not just talking about the matches! From the food trucks to the music, this cricket-obsessed country is a haven for sports fans. Every season brings with it exciting new attractions and entertainment, ensuring that no matter what time of day or night you watch, you always have something to look forward to. IPL brings together friends and family just like any other festival.

Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League

2) All International players at one stage 

A hard-core cricket fanatic will have cricket idols from all around the globe and it is always a dream for them to witness all the players on one platform. IPL is one such platform. From Virat Kohli to David Warner, from Hardik Pandya to Jos Butler, IPL brings players from all around the world. These international stars were the crowd pullers and every franchise ensured they have a strong pool of international stars. The presence of overseas stars also meant that IPL was followed outside India. For example, a person in Australia would always cheer for Chennai Superkings just because of his/her love for Ben Stokes.

Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League

3) Huge Crowd

Sports is nothing without its fans and IPL is blessed to have a humongous fan base. Every match of IPL is played in front of a huge crowd. It does not matter whether it's a group stage match, playoff or final, people fill the stadium to show their support to their favourite team. Indian Premier League is ranked consistently amongst top sporting event by a fans attendance. With an average attendance of 58,000 it is more than some of the European Football League.

As new venues around the country and abroad are interested in hosting IPL matches people from different parts of the country and the world will get the opportunity to watch their favourite stars live.

4) Shorter duration and timing of matches

When T20 cricket was introduced, the primary reason was to bring back followers who may not have the time to catch up for a five-day test match cricket. Although there are people who religiously follow the sport, many prefer test cricket over T20 matches. But with the fast-moving world, T20 was the need of the hour for the game of cricket. T20 brought in a whole new category of the audience who opted for the shorter format because of its duration. IPL was introduced and took the game to the next level. The evening schedules ensured that fans could finish their daily chores and watch the game which would last for just 3 hours. And not to forget it suited everyone, from school-going kids to office workers.

5) Rags to Reaches Stories

Indian Premier League has not only provided the platform for some youngster to showcase their talent but also provided them with a financial support that many of them deserved. Players like Mohamad Siraj, Yashasvi Jaiswal, T. Natarajan and Kumar Kartikeya are all examples of players with a humble background who now made it in their life.

Players who have sacrificed a lot to play cricket professionally finally got the fruits for all their hard work and dedication. For many of these players cricket is their lively hood and getting paid a hefty amount only helps them and their family but also helps other youngsters to consider cricket as a viable career. 

Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League

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