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Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League

Cricket in India is regarded as a religion which people follow wholeheartedly. One of the biggest cricket league came into existence courtesy the fans love for the game. The Indian Premier League is coined as “India Ka Tyohar” which aptly describes the craziness of the fans. IPL brought in revolution of cricket leagues around the globe, which now has become a talent showcasing platform for many.

Let’s take a look at few of the major reasons why IPL is one of the most successful and celebrated cricket league around the world-

1) IPL gathers/ unites family

India is known for the culture and diverse traditions followed by many, and the values that a family comes with. During the 90s cricket was a family sport, however, due to the format of the game many started to lose interest. With the commencement of the IPL, which is a 3-4hours of contest, it is a well-drafted family entertainer. It has drama, emotion, and suspense in the form of the nail-biting death overs. IPL became a topic of family discussions and no one wanted to be held up unaware on what’s currently happening in the league. And hence, IPL indeed became a festival to be enjoyed with family.

Why People Like IPL - IPL gathers and unites family - Fast&up

2) All International players at one stage 

A hard-core cricket fanatic will have cricket idols from all around the globe and it is always a dream for them to witness all the players at one platform. IPL is one such platform. From Ab de Villiers to David Warner, from Shakib al Hassan to Jos Butler, IPL brings players from all around the world. These international stars were the crowd pullers and every franchise ensured they have a strong pool of international stars. Presence of overseas stars also meant that IPL was followed outside India. For example, a person in South Africa would always cheer for Royal Challengers Bangalore just because of his/her love for AB de Villiers.

Why People Like IPL - All International players at one stage - Fast&up

3) City-based loyalty

Any team’s loyalty increases when teams are linked to cities. Hence, if a person who may not follow cricket, would definitely himself supporting Mumbai Indians because he was a loyal Mumbaikar. Similar was the situation with the other IPL teams.

4) Iconic Players

Another level of loyalty came in by the introduction of the concept of “Icon players”. Indian legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh were entitled the status of icon players. So, if one did not belong to the cities representing an IPL team, he/she would still support a team based on aforementioned iconic players.

5) Shorter duration and timing of matches

When T20 cricket was introduced, the primary reason was to bring back followers who may not have the time to catch-up for a five-day test match cricket. Although, there are people who religiously follow the sport will any day prefer test cricket over T20 matches.

But with the fast moving world, T20 was the need of the hour for the game of cricket. T20 brought in a whole new category of audience who opted the shorter format because of its duration. IPL was introduced to take this attempt to a next level. The evening schedules ensured that fans could finish their daily chores and watch the game which would last for just 3 hours. And not to forget it suited everyone, from school going kid to office goers.

6) Controversies and Drama

IPL since its inception has witnessed a fair amount of drama both on and off the cricket field. On the cricket field, we have seen some extremely close finishes. There were several occasions when the match results has been decided in the very last over. On the other hand, IPL has witnessed a lot of action off the cricket field as well. The hype around the player’s auction or the grand parties thrown by the team owner’s ensured glamour in the gentleman’s game. Indians love for cricket and Bollywood need no introduction, and IPL was just the right mix. 

Reasons Why IPL is The Most Successful League - Controversies and Drama - Fast&up

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