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Pune Bajaj Allianz Half Marathon - 5 Things You Should Know Before You Run

Published : Dec 12, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 16, 2023

The annual celebration of 'wellness'- The Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon- returns for its second edition. Running a half-marathon is not an easy task. If you are a novice runner who hasn’t had the experience of a seasoned marathoner, it is fair to say, that you can never be sure of what to expect from the toll your body will face after you run the course. How do you eliminate these potentially hazardous possibilities? The solution lies in ideal nutrition, training, planning which will then be followed with execution. Regardless, being aware of what to expect, for better or worse, will leave you with no surprises and at least you won’t be caught less off-guard! So let’s note a few things you should know before you run the 21.1 km:

Your Muscles Will Be Sore

It is very likely that your muscles will be sore. As they say in the running community- 'It's better to be sore than sorry!' What is required to counteract the soreness is an adequate warm-up session before training and on race day, of course.
Pune Bajaj Allianz Half-Marathon_ 5 Things You Should Know Before You Run


Dehydration can slowly but surely creep up on you during your race without you even realizing it. It will manifest itself as muscle sores, cramps, and fatigue. Obviously, these are all things you would want to dismiss. Therefore, replenish yourself constantly with these instant hydration drinks to maintain electrolyte balance after perspiration.
Pune Bajaj Allianz Half-Marathon_ 5 Things You Should Know Before You Run

Run Or Walk- Just Finish The Race

If you have stuck to your training plan and haven't pushed your limits unnecessarily, it is most likely you will be able to tackle the distance. However, the intensity and pace with which you finish the race will be the deciding factor in the exhaustion you face. Remember not to exceed your limits as this can lead to long-lasting soreness and fatigue. If this occurs during the race, remember to walk or slow your pace down. The important thing is to finish. At times runners are seeking an energy boost and rely on these instant energy gels to boost them with raw and instant energy.

Your Skin May Get Chafed

A troublesome and common occurrence to long-distance runners is chafing. This might happen on your chest, legs, etc but the fabric of your clothes will rub against your skin to irritate it and even perhaps make it bleed. So remember to Avoid cotton clothing because once it gets wet, it stays wet. In addition, cotton is a rough material and when it's constantly moving against your skin, it can rub your skin raw.

Balanced Nutrition Is Key

Keep your nutrients in check as they will affect both your training and performance. A lot of runners over-eat during training because they are famished after training. But counting and balancing your intake of calories through wholesome meals will keep you in shape for race-day. You can also rely on these effervescent multivitamin tablets to keep you nourished with daily vitamins.

Pune Bajaj Allianz Half-Marathon_ 5 Things You Should Know Before You Run

The exciting Bajaj Allianz Pune Half-Marathon is awaited by hoards of runners across India. Elevate your performance and enhance your training with active nutrition. Fast&Up is the official energy drink of the Bajaj Allianz Pune Half-Marathon, and we are looking forward to hydrating all the spirited runners in Pune!

Pune Bajaj Allianz Half-Marathon_ 5 Things You Should Know Before You Run

Pune Bajaj Allianz Expo X Fast&Up

What's more, is that Fast&Up has set up our stall at the Pune Bajaj Allianz Half-Marathon from the 20th to the 21st of December 2020. You may be wondering what the stall is for?

Change how you dispose of plastic. Plastic must always be recycled. If disposed of responsibly, it can actually benefit the environment, in ways. Therefore, Fast&Up, in association with Bisleri's commendable Bottle for Change campaign, has decided to initiate our own bottle for change: if you return 10 used tubes or jars of Fast&Up you stand the chance to win a thrilling gift we are sure you will be pleased to possess. Not only are you fueling the change to our environment, by your act of recycling, but you get something directly in return! Every time you recycle, you show that there is always hope and a better alternative. We strive to be your partner in better nutrition, better health, and better choices.

Moreover, Fast&Up's stall at the expo will offer tasty sampling treats and amazing discounts of our nutritional goodness so you can introduce the power of intelligent nutrition into your lives and activate a healthier you. We look forward to energizing you, see you there!

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