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Neera Katwal Speaks about TMM, How to Get Prepared for It, and Much More!

Published : Dec 11, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Jan 10, 2023

Neera Katwal speaks about TMM, how to get prepared for it, and much more!

Neera Katwal holds a Masters in Psychology, Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management, followed by a well- paid job at a leading consultancy firm. Despite the plethora of qualifications, a good job Neera wanted to get into sports instead of a typical 9 to 5 job. It was then she quit her job and moved to Bangalore where she was introduced to Running. Enrolled herself in the Reebok fitness training and since then there was no turning back.

Neera has an impressive list of accomplishments with having qualified for Boston thrice and ran the Boston Marathon once. She has also held podium positions in 10Ks, HMs, and FMs since 2009, in races held by Procam, Life is calling, Pinkathon, etc.

Here's what she has to say about the upcoming TMM:

1. My advice to runners running TMM2020 for the first time:
If you are running TMM for the first time, you must be excited to be a part of one of the oldest & biggest marathons in India and must've have prepared for it adequately. Go ahead and run it with an open mind without being too critical about your performance. Pace yourself evenly throughout the race, keep hydrating every 20-30 minutes, take your gels every 45 mins (for FM), let your body flow in a running rhythm while you soak in the scenes of the marathon - the effort/company of other runners, the cheering crowd, passing landmarks, the breeze of the sea, the music, etc. You will have a great race and a PB if you run with confidence.

2.  Your favourite TMM experience:
Every TMM is pleasurable. I like the familiarity of the course after having run it for almost 7 years now. I like running on the sea link especially as that's when you see a crowd of runners on both sides of the bridge and many call out or cheer to each other in recognition. 

3. Importance of Nutrition in running:
Nutrition plays a major role in running. No matter how hard you train, if your nutrition is not adequate, you will never perform to your fullest. Nutrition has to be top-notch for runners who are especially performing at their peak. Good nutrition before, during, after training and on a daily basis will determine what they reap out of their training. It will determine their body's preparedness for training, aid training and help with speedy recovery post-training. Get your race nutrition from Fast&Up. Fast&Up is the number #1 runner nutrition.

4. Why Fast&Up Reload is their go-to hydration for running:
Reload is easy to consume, gives the right amount of electrolytes & carbs to support their running, and is refreshing with a great taste. The flavours and colours are pleasant and it replenishes you to run to the finish line all charged up again. 

5. Reload experience with us before TMM2020
Reload is an integral part of my training. I can't do my speed workouts, tempo, and long runs without it. That's what keeps me replenished and helps me train stronger. The berry flavour especially is my favourite. 

6. How TMM changed running habits in the nation:
TMM gave runners a good course with race arrangements in par with international standards and this drew serious runners from all over India. They encouraged the elite with good cash prizes. The local crowds further supported and cheered the event. Social media covered it well and all this drew more amateurs into the field.  

But what really improved the standard/quality of runners in terms of competitive timings is the introduction of recognition & prizes for age categories. This gave runners a fuel or impetus to challenge themselves within their peer group. Runners started training hard for races, running group emerged led by coaches, technical aspects of running started getting importance, The shoe and apparel companies got better in catering to the needs of runners, Gyms flourished to aid in cross-training, physiotherapists not only treated injuries but started preventive programs. So in a way, it revolutionized Running in India. 

If you are a first-time runner want to try out running then it's a good option to join SBI Green Marathon and the best thing is you can participate in your own city at your convenience. If you're from Bengaluru then it's a great start to run for FROG run 2019 which consists of 3K, 5K and 10K run.
Get some running tips and nutrition tips for your 5k run.

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