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My First Hyderabad Marathon - How to

Published : Aug 17, 2016 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Are you running the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon for the first time ?

Have other veteran runners scared you with stories of "The Toughest City Marathon" ?

Sweating at the very mention of the terms "3 Insane Flyovers", "Jubilee Hills", "Banjara Hills" and "Microsoft Hill" ?

Well, break free of all those worries and read on to know how you can turn your Hyderabad marathon experience into something you would cherish and get back home with a New Personal Best timing and some well deserved Bragging Rights...!!!

  1. Pace, don't Race

It is called the Toughest City Marathon for a reason. Set a target pace and try to keep it up till the end. Don't start out too fast and fade out towards the end. Hold a comfortable pace constantly and finish strong, with a sprint towards the finish line.

  1. Go easy on the curves

The Hyderabad marathon course is filled with not just flyovers, but with also lots of rolling uphills and some testing climbs. Take the uphills with a steady pace and high cadence, and attack the downhills going as fast as you can.

  1. Smile ! You're being clicked

When you spot a photographer, RUN...!!! Yes, the last thing you want is to be photographed walking on the marathon course!!! There are lots of photographers especially around Necklace Road, Jubilee Hills and inside the University of Hyderabad. Make sure you spot them and flash a cool smile and a nice pose. And always remember to sprint at the finish line where hundreds of photographers are waiting to click you..!!

  1. Hydration is the Key

Remember to always hydrate well. Stop to pick up a sip of Fast & Up served at all the aid stations every 2 km through the course. Constantly sipping an electrolyte all through the race will keep you well hydrated and avoid cramps. Avoid sugary solutions and soft drinks before and during the race. And all you party animals, Hydration DOES NOT mean Alcohol !!

  1. Recovery and Rest go hand in hand

After the race, it is very important to recover immediately and effectively as this is the key to a strong finish. Cross the finish line, get your medal, click a picture and immediately have a sip of Fast & Up Recover to make sure your muscles get back their strength. Stretch those calf muscles and hamstrings well as they will be bushed from all those climbs that Hyderabad will throw at you. Follow it up with a hot carb loaded breakfast and a couple of hours of doggy nap !

Follow these pointers, set a kickass target, warm-up well, run your heart out, and smash your goals to grab a new Personal Best. Conquer AHM with Fast & Up and celebrate your victory with some Hyderabadi Biriyani and a selfie with the Charminar !!!

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