Motivational Quotes for Runners, Quotes to Inspire Runners

Motivational Quotes for Runners

Running is all about winning a mental battle, getting out of bed and then going on a war against yourself. At times you even wonder on why you are running at the first place. Sometimes it's easy, while sometimes you struggle. Running a marathon is just like life where you can't always wait until you're ready, you just have to go for it. Running helps you to learn lessons for life. Here are a few simple spurs which will help you motivate for your next run. When your legs can't run anymore, run with your heart! Blog-1--It's-the-WILL,-not-the-SKILL Your success is found in your daily routine Blog-2--There-is-no-elevator-to-success,-you-have-to-take-the-MILES Train the quit out of you! Blog-3--There-is-no-elevator-to-success,-you-have-to-take-the-MILES When you run, you work On Yourself, By Yourself, For Yourself! Blog-4--It's-You-Vs-You Warm Up, Get Ready! Blog-5-1-tablet---30-mins-before-your-run It's all in your head! Blog-6---I-CAN-AND-I-WILL Life is not about waiting for storm to pass, it's about learning to RUN IN THE RAIN! Blog-8---THIS-TOO-SHALL-PASS It's a RUNderful Life! Blog-7---CELEBRATE-THE-JOURNEY-CALLED-LIFE WE are all in for the LONG RUN! Blog-9--It's-hard-to-beat-a-person-who-never-gives-up To Be Fast&Up in the long run of life, visit