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Mother's Day

International Mother’s Day 2022 will be celebrated all over the world and in India on May 8, 2022. Mother is not just a word but it’s a whole different world, a world full of love, care and support without any hate or selfish motives. When you are low, you always want to fall into your mother’s arms even if you have grown old. She is said to be your first friend and no one takes care of you better while you are sick than your mother does.

International Mothers Day 2022

How nutrition is important for mothers?

Mother never takes a single day off from her job and is available 24*7 to serve you and take care of you. She wakes up early and makes breakfast for the entire family. She does the daily home chores, makes lunch and goes to work and returns late in the evening and makes dinner. She takes care of the health requirements of all the family members. She deals with various stressful situations during the day and yet she works with a smile on her face. But while doing all his she forgets to take care of herself. Many times, her nutritional requirements are not met. Good nutrition is important especially for her because good nutrition helps to maintain adequate body weight, reduces risk of many chronic diseases and helps to face stressful situations. Good nutrition is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Magnesium is one such element which will aid her to stay healthy and meet her nutritional requirements. Magnesium plays a vital role in generating and using ATP and fuels our daily requirements.

So, one must be thinking why would my mom require magnesium supplements?

The answer is very simple. There are over 300 enzymatic reactions in our body including transmission of nerve impulse, food metabolism and synthesis of proteins and fatty acids and magnesium plays a vital role in all of these. Magnesium is also important for bone health. It activates Vitamin D in kidneys and Vitamin D is also essential for bone formation. Magnesium supplements along with Calcium supplements reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases and kidney stones. Also, several studies have showcased that intake of magnesium supplements lowers the risk of diabetes, especially in women.

Mother's Day Stay Healthy

It is necessary for her to take care of her heart and blood flow. Magnesium supplements helps to take care of various muscles including heart. It helps to control blood pressure and avoid hypertension and heart attack risk is kept at bay. Premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, stress, leg swelling and many such health risks are lowered by intake of adequate amount of magnesium.

Fast&Up Magnesio supplements which will promote active delivery of magnesium into her muscle tissues. Magnesio contains 300 mg Elemental Magnesium and 10 mg Zinc which is available in Lime and Lemon flavour. Magnesio can help her feel more relaxed and less stressed. To gift her now, click here.

Mother’s love is a fuel which helps one to achieve the impossible. And Fast&Up Magnesio will help her to do all her next to impossible acts with ease and fuel her daily magnesium necessity.

Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer