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Marathon and Important Supplements

Published : Aug 21, 2019 6 mins read Updated On : Sep 18, 2023

A balanced diet with fruits and vegetables is one of the important things for every athlete to establish the strength and power which is needed to perform better on the grounds. Supplementing with important amino acids and protein becomes a priority when you need a longer duration of strength like in marathons. Some important supplements which one should take are as follows:

1. Omega 3 fatty acids- omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish oil, nuts and seeds. It contains DHA and EPA, long chain amino acids.

● How omega 3 helps in a marathon?
- It decreases exercise induced asthma
- Decreases muscle soreness
- Increases muscle mass.
- Helps in lubricating joints and prevents the risk of arthritis.

● How to incorporate?
- Switch to flaxseed oil, add it into yoghurt, salad, smoothies.
- Get Fast&Up Promega which is an Omega-3 rich fish oil product containing high amount of EPA and DHA (50%) in an effective 3:2 ratio with high bioavailability and no fishy aftertaste.

2. Vitamin D – A fat soluble vitamin, found in very less food. It has function which helps us against getting heart problems, diabetes, bone problems.

● How vitamin D helps in marathon?
-Vitamin D helps absorb calcium from the food.
- Our bones needs calcium and it helps them be strong for a longer period.
- Low levels of Vitamin D suggest low energy levels.

● How to incorporate?
- Avoid wearing lots of sunscreen on the body.
- Keep your arms, face, neck exposed to the sun during 11.00am to 1.00pm. It is the best time if getting vitamin D from the sun.
- Taking supplements of vitamin D3 such as Fast&Up Fortify which is a blend of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. 

3. Maca root – Grown on higher altitude. Originated from Peru. Maca root is a super food found here. It has medicinal uses too. 

● How maca root helps in marathon?
- Helps control blood sugar levels.
- Strengths adrenal gland which powers endurance for a good performance.
- Rich in Vitamin B, iron, zinc, magnesium and amino acids.

● How to incorporate ?
- Maca root powder can be added in any favors dish.
- Can be taken in the form of capsules too.

4. Multi-vitamins- A single Multivitamin capsule contains so many essential vitamins and minerals. It is essential to take in your diet on a daily basis.

● How multivitamins help in marathon?
- Runners need to be healthy and should know in what nutrients they lack.
- It will be very beneficial if you have multi vitamins as it will help you get all the essential nutrients.
- Fast&Up Vitalize Helps bridge nutritional gaps to support daily nutrition demands with essential nutrients for overall health

● How to incorporate ?
- Get Fast&Up Vitalize which contains 12 vitamins and 9 minerals.

5. BCAA -branched chain amino acids, a group of amino acids which triggers protein synthesis and ceases muscle breakdown.

● How BCAA helps in marathon?
- BCAA Is majorly taken pre workout and during workout.
- Helps in protein synthesis and reduces muscle wasting.
- Helps against muscle soreness
- Speeds up muscle recovery
- It promotes in building lean muscle mass

● How to incorporate?
- Fast&Up BCAA ( watermelon, green apple, lime and lemon flavors) – Fast&Up supplement is better than traditional during workout supplements as it has an additional proprietary muscle activation complex comprising of 2.5g of L glutamine for muscle recovery, 1 g of L arginine to reduce muscle fatigue, 1 g of citrulline for nitric oxide boost, taurine for energy along with the performance and important electrolytes.

Marathon and Important Supplements

6. Glutamine- glutamine plays a key role in runners health. Glutamine helps fueling the immune system. When running a marathon the levels tends to decrease in the blood and muscle and thus immune system can’t function well.

● How glutamine helps in marathon?
- Helps strengthen your immune system.
- Gives you energy to run for a longer bait.

● How to incorporate?
- Glutamine is found in BCAA.
- Best way to get glutamine is to have Fast&Up BCAA
7. L-carnitine- It is a fat burner, famous amongst weight loss and also in improving endurance in runners.

● How L carnitine helps in marathon?
- As it burns fat easily it provides runners with energy.
- Protects muscle from breaking down
- Improves lean muscle growth.

● How to incorporate ?
- Fast&Up Activate Effervescent tablets have good amount of L carnitine which Boosts performance with increased energy and stamina

Running test your body’s ability and body’s limit. It shows the endurance of the body. Supplements help to empower endurance and helps them to reach the goals. Here are some pre- workout, during workout and post- workout best supplements and their importance-


Often many people who don't have adequate knowledge on pre workout supplements, tends to give up on energy and don’t stay active because of no energy. It becomes really important to feed your body and mind with correct pre workout supplements so that they boost you to achieve your goal.

1. Fast&Up Activate (orange flavor) - Best supplement for a pre workout regime. For runners, cycling and marathons. An intelligent blend of L-carnitine, L-arginine, lycopene and important nutrients. Fast&Up Activate makes sure your body is fueled up to get your best in the performance.


During workout, supplementing with BCAA amino acids become very important. Branched chain amino acid triggers protein synthesis and prevents breakdown of muscles. They have an important role in muscle and energy productivity and physical endurance during strenuous exercise. It speeds up your metabolism and decreases fatigue.

1. Fast&Up BCAA supplement is better than traditional during workout supplements as it has an additional proprietary muscle activation complex comprising of 2.5g of L glutamine for muscle recovery, 1 g of L arginine to reduce muscle fatigue, 1 g of citrulline for nitric oxide boost, taurine for energy along with the performance and important electrolytes.
2. Fast&Up Reload tablets are best hydration choice, it replenish your body with correct electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins. A unique combination of sodium, potassium and magnesium helps to maintain a proper electrolyte balance. Vitamin C, vitamin D3 and calcium aids in reducing fatigue.
3. Fast&Up Energy gel is a unique combination of malto- Dextrin and caffeine together. To provide instant energy approx. 102kcal in a single sachet. Added caffeine helps to keep your mind alert and improve your focus on the game. It is easy to carry, easy to digest and no problems of gastrointestinal tract. They are ready to eat gel just bite, squeeze and here you go with your energy boost.


It becomes really crucial to feed your body with correct supplement and food so that whatever you’ve gained is not lost again.

1. Fast&Up Recover contains a mix of 20 amino acids which helps you repair your muscle tissue and also helps you to get ready for the next workout. It's a high combination of amino acids with BCAA. They promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown. 

Marathon and Important Supplements


Getting all these nutrients through a natural way is what everyone needs.
Getting a proper healthy balanced diet is what one should focus on.
Food and nutrition become the utmost important elements to succeed.
Supplements just help you boost those good things that your body wants.
Having a clean diet with vegetables and fruits and enough of cereals and protein-rich foods like eggs, meat and milk products is something one should focus on. 

Kejal Sheth
Kejal Sheth
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