4 Ways L-arginine Helps with Weight Loss - Fast&Up

4 Ways L-arginine Helps with Weight Loss

L-Arginine for Weight Loss - Fast&Up

L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps in bodybuilding, muscle development and superior performance. It is mostly found in animal products and meat. Other benefits of L-arginine include boosting stamina by elevating action of nitric oxide in the body. It has also enhances your fat metabolism.

Can L-Arginine help with weight loss?

The answer is YES!

Here’s how it does –

  • Stimulates Fat Metabolism

By using fat as a source of energy, L-Arginine helps boost metabolism of the body and improve muscle mass formation thereby aiding fat burning and retaining muscle mass at the same time. A study conducted to test the fat metabolism power of arginine concluded that 100%, of those who got were tested, lost fat while only 40% of others lost muscle mass.

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  • Helps Burning Belly Fat

Many people have experienced that shedding belly fat is one of the most difficult task and can be a cause of concern in their weight loss journey. Belly fat is linked to heart diseases too. L-arginine helps minimize adipose tissue, which is known as belly fat and thereby helps you lose excess weight.

  • Larger Doses = Faster Burning

When you take L-arginine with an aim to lose weight, you should ideally start with a lower dosage and slowly increase the intake. By doing this, the rate of fat burning increases too and thus, helps you achieve your fitness goals faster. L-Arginine Supplements can be taken to meet the daily dosage; however, you should not exceed 5 grams of daily consumption through supplementation.

L-Arginine  Supplements for Weight Loss

  • Helps Increase Energy

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts take L-arginine supplements to enhance their sports performance and improve their cardio vascular health. Arginine supplements stimulate nitric oxide that opens up blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow and boosting energy. This ultimately helps to increase your energy during workout.

Loosing extra weight that you have put on requires synergetic effect of good njtrtion and daily exercise to show results. Adding L-Arginine supplements to your diet can be an effective measure to take to lose weight.

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Neel Visaria

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