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Is Plant Protein Good For Muscle Building

Published : Aug 26, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Is Plant Protein Good For Muscle Building

When someone thinks of protein, the general perception is that Meat is the only and best source of protein. Plant Protein are great too. They have better taste, muscle building ability and works wonders.

Plant Protein generally does not get much credential as it deserves. Most people have the misconception that only source of complete protein is Animal based. Even few people who have knowledge about plant protein think that it is incomplete protein i.e it does not have complete essential amino acid. Such is the magnitude of the misconception that people generally feel that they need to have animal sourced protein with plant in order to build muscles. 

Is Plant Protein Good For Muscle BuildingFast&up Pea Protein Powder for Muscle Building

So people do think that protein from plant sourced is inferior and that from animal sourced can be used for muscle building.

There are several studies that has now and then proved that plant protein powders are equally good and even better than animal sourced protein powders. In 2015, study with pea protein showcased that, pea protein was able to promote better muscle growth in double- blind study comparable to whey. In another study in 2013 from Nutritional Journal showcased rice protein was associated with increased power, strength and body mass as compared to animal based.

A study from American journal of Clinical Nutrition also showed positive results. In this study more than 3000 men and women between age 19 to 72 were provided with proteins and various factors like their bone density, lean body mass and muscle building and breakdown along with their physical factors were recorded. The study showcased that people who ate more protein had more muscle mass, but the type of protein was not a factor. 

So How Does Plant Base Protein Help in Muscle Building?

There are variety of factors that makes Plant Based Powder effective and better choice than Animal Based

- Same effect on muscle building as compared to animal based protein.
- Plant based protein are easily digestible and absorbable fueling the energy need to keep going.
- Lactose tolerant and are Vegan friendly.
- Does not cause gas, bloating or acne as observed in animal based protein.
- Rich in essential nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins, mineral and other essential nutrients.

Supplementing with Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate

Packed With Plant Power, Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate is well researched and scientifically formulated with premium quality plant protein sourced from yellow peas and brown rice. With best quality, taste and smell it has the highest protein content compared to other protein powder supplements available in the market. Each 45g scoop of Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate provides 34g proteins with excellent taste which has smooth creamy texture that can be easily blended into your favorite smoothie, shake and drink. 

Fast&up Plant Protein Powder for Muscle Strength

Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate is available in premium rich Ghana chocolate flavour with smooth creamy texture for post workout muscle recovery, muscle building and strength with general well-being and immunity. Along with 34g protein from Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein Isolate it contains 5.8g BCAA and 5.5g Glutamine naturally occurring with Added Vegan Coconut MCTs and Beetroot Extract.

Vegan Coconut MCTs helps to boosts energy and metabolism along with promotes fat loss and helps build lean muscles. Natural Nitrate rich beetroot extract helps in energy boosting and is rich source of essential nutrients.

Why does Pea Protein and Brown Rice been used in combination?

It is essential for any protein powder to have complete amino acid. Pea protein alone is rich source of many essential amino acid but lacks in amino acid cysteine and methionine but is high in lysine which is perfectly pairs with Brown Rice which is rich in cysteine and methionine and low in lysine.

The PDCAAS score for Pea + brown Rice is 1.0 highest as same as any other animal sourced protein. Pea + Brown Rice combination ensures that they have complete protein source along with that they are free rom allergens, lactose tolerant, vegan friendly, environmental friendly as well and easily digestible without resulting in allergic response like gas, bloating or acne.

Bottom Line

When it comes to Protein, although many people think of only Whey as the source but one should always consider Plant protein as well along with protein benefits they do have an upper- hand with their phytochemicals and essential nutrients composition as well and have same effect on muscle building if not better.

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