Introducing Fast&Up Active Greens Powder

Published : Jun 27, 2020
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    Introducing Fast&Up Active Greens Powder

    With changing dietary habits and increase in use of processed food and processed sugars, which are highly acidic in nature and change the pH balance of the body. With such eating habits and changing lifestyle it become important to include super greens as a part of our daily regimen. Everyone knows the importance of greens for our health. Super greens helps to maintain a balance pH and helps to fight acidity, boost immunity and promotes overall health.

    Benefits of Fast&Up Active Greens

    Fast&Up Active Green is designed with superfoods and super greens with immunity boosters. It consist of 4 pure and standardized blends like Alkalizing blend, Detox blend, Antioxidant blend and Cellular Defense blend. Active greens are unflavored with no artificial sweetener or additives.

    Composition of Blends

    Nutrient Value per 7 g
    Alkalizing Blend
    3600 mg
    Fights Acidity 
    Detox Blend
    3050 mg
    Cleanses and aids digestion
    Antioxidant Blend
    350 mg
    Boosts Immunity
    Cellular defense blend
    40 mg
    Protects against infectious agents

     Alkalizing Blend

    The body natural pH levels tend to be slightly alkaline, as mention with rise in dietary intake of processed foods and sugars results in acidic ph. It is important for smooth and efficient functioning of body to maintain Acid/Alkaline balance. Alkalizing bled helps to maintain pH balance and fights acidity.

    Role of Components

    • Wheat Grass – Helps to restore pH balance
    • Barley Grass – Supports gastro intestine functions
    • Alfalfa Powder – Low in calories and rich in nutrients

    Detox Blend

    Detox is essential for removal of toxins, purify blood, improves health and aids weight loss

    Role of Components

    • Spirulina Powder – Aids digestion and detox
    • Chlorella powder – Provides protection against toxins
    • Moringa Powder – Eases constipation and bowel movements
    • Spinach Powder – Rich source of Vitamins and Minerals

    Antioxidant Blend

    The basic function of Antioxidant blend is to improve immunity. They help in protection from free radicals, which play major role in heart, cancer and other disease. Humans are exposed to various harmful free radicals when we break down food or when one is exposed to smoke or radiation.

    Role of Components

    • Beetroot Extract – Supports digestive health
    • Amla Extract – Natural Vitamin C source that is potent antioxidant

    Cellular Defense Blend

    The ingredients in this blend is added in a way that help to fight against harmful infectious agents.

    Role of Components

    • Sage Leaf Extract – Has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties
    • Cranberry Extract – Hosts of antioxidant and nutrition's that helps to fight infections

    Fast&up Active Greens Powder

    There are many choices available when it comes to greens available in the market. What makes Fast&Up Active Greens great is the choice of ingredients, high quality and standardized extracts, high scoop size 7g, unflavored, no added sweetener or additives.

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