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How about a #RunBurn at your favorite place?

Lonavala is not a place, Lonavala is a feeling!

Tiger point Hill challenge is a Lonavala Runburn festival, this year the run is scheduled on 16th December, 2018 is going to be the third edition, as the run is in the roll back from 2016.

Tiger point challenge is an annual-road race and the name of the race is termed as “Tiger point challenge” because “Tiger point” is the famous view-point in the hill station.

Tiger's Point Hill Challenge Logo 

The event is INS Shivaji Tiger’s Point Hill Challenge, INS stands for Indian Naval Ship Shivaji and it is a replacement for the Stokers training school at HMIS Dalhousie which is located at Naval Dockyard (Bombay), Commissioned by the Bombay Governor, sir John Colville on 15th February in the year 1945 and then it was termed as INS Shivaji from 26thJanuary, 1950.

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The race is going to be super exciting and there is not only one reason to say this you can count onto many, it is already the cold season of the year and Lonavla is the hill station along with that the location is the famous view point in the Hill station.

Perfect Weather + Perfect Location + Perfect View + Challenge = EXCITING!


        Race:   10 Km, 21Km and 5Km

        Start Time: 

10km Run- 6:30 am

Half Marathon- 6:15 am

5Km Run- 7:00 am

        Age Limit: 

Half Marathon- 18 Years and above

10Km- 16 Years and above

5Km- 10 Years and above.

        Location: Lonavla

        Event: INS Shivaji Tiger’s Point Hill Challenge 2018

Runner Bijay Nair

Bijay Nair is a Fast&Up athlete who is also the race ambassador of the INS Shivaji Tiger’s Point Hill Challenge in Lonavala!

Fun fact - Fast&Up is an official hydration partner of INS Shivaji Tiger’s Point Hill challenge (Lonavala) The route has been chosen specifically for its natural beauty and challenging inclines.

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Hurry Up!

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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