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Unveiling the Power of Fast&Up Fortify: A Comprehensive Guide

Published : Apr 01, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Dec 07, 2023

The importance of vitamin D can never be stressed enough. In addition to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D protects our body from a range of medical conditions and diseases. As a matter of fact, calcium and vitamin D work in tandem to protect and strengthen your bones.

Vitamin D- Is It Necessary?

For years, experts have linked the deficiency of vitamin D to several ailments including strokes and cardiovascular diseases. As the human body can seldom create vitamins, it is important to derive them from your diet and supplementation. However, the body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun. Blame it on modern lifestyle or the changing climatic conditions, most people choose to spend their time indoors due to pollution and other factors. Gone are the days when children would play in the sun and older people would go for a stroll in the park. The alarming rise in the number of contagious diseases, dust, and pollution prevent people from stepping out in the sun.
This has further contributed to vitamin D deficiencies, causing several diseases such as osteoporosis, rickets, muscular weakness, and other ailments. While some food sources such as fortified milk, cheese, egg yolks, mushrooms, and fish contain plenty of vitamin D, sometimes your body fails to absorb the essential vitamins from it. This when you need a perfect Vitamin D supplementation.

Fast&Up Fortify- What You Need to Know

Fast&Up Fortify is a comprehensive supplement to strengthen and protect your bones. It is the perfect combination of Vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. This effervescent and unique formula is the right amalgamation of all the essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium, which is essential for optimum, bone health.
Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements

What Makes Fast and Up Fortify the Complete Bone Care Supplement?

 Vitamin D
One of the main functions of vitamin D is that it helps to regulate calcium and phosphorous levels in your blood, which is essential to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D absorbs and retains calcium, which is otherwise excreted by the kidneys. Fortify contains vitamin D in the right proportion so that it absorbs calcium required by the body.

 Calcium carbonate
With 500 mg of calcium carbonate, Fortify provides the daily-recommended dosage of calcium essential to maintain healthy bones. It is essential to supplement calcium when you have osteoporosis or if you follow a vegan diet. Your body tends to excrete calcium when you follow a high protein diet, which is why athletes must use Fortify to maintain a healthy level of calcium and vitamin D. 

 Magnesium 

Fortify also contains 100 mg of magnesium carbonate which is vital for the optimal functioning of your body. It is impossible for your body to function appropriately without the presence of magnesium and low levels are often linked to heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. This essential nutrient reduces high blood pressure and even controls blood sugar levels. Low levels of magnesium are linked to cardiovascular diseases, depression and mood swings. Fast&Up Fortify which contains both calcium and magnesium strengthens your bones and muscles. It also prevents muscle cramps, which are common among athletes and body builders with magnesium deficiency.

 Other essential vitamins
In addition to calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, Fortify also contains some other essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, K, and B6. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, which gives resilience to your bones. It also enhances calcium absorption and stimulates bone-building cells. Experts believe that Fortify is essential to preserve bone health, particularly women who are deficient in vitamin C during menopause and perimenopause.
Another essential nutrient present in Fortify is vitamin K, which works in tandem with calcium to build strong bones. People with lower intake of vitamin K are susceptible to fractures and related issues. Fortify also contains Vitamin B6 which is another nutrient that helps in calcium absorption by producing hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Therefore, it directly contributes to the development of healthy bones.

Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements

Why Should You Use Fast and Up Fortify?

With so many ingredients to improve your bone health, it is difficult to find even a small sensible reason not to use this nutritional supplement. With 500 mg of calcium, fortify fulfills the daily requirement of calcium for both men and women. Moreover, it is a supplement that contains only calcium; it has a unique combination of magnesium, vitamin D, B6 and C, which ensures comprehensive bone health.

Unlike most of the other calcium and vitamin D supplements, Fortify is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest. As it dissolves quickly in water, there is absolutely no need to swallow these tablets. All you need to do is simply drop the effervescent tablet in water and wait for it to dissolve completely before you drink it.

As these tablets are effervescent in nature, it is absorbed quickly into the blood stream without causing any gastrointestinal discomfort, stomach cramps, or diarrhea. It is uniquely formulated to enhance bone density and thereby protects it from various kinds of disorders. As a single tablet contains 500 mg of calcium, fewer intakes are required to reach the recommended dosage.

Fast and Up Fortify must be consumed daily as it also helps to maintain acid-alkaline balance and restore your pH levels. Experts insists on consuming one effervescent tablet every day, particularly if you are deficient in calcium and vitamin D. Moreover, you need to supplement calcium when you train extensively as rigorous training can deplete your energy sources and make you weak and susceptible to orthopedic disorders.

Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements for Athletes

Who Should Use Fast and Up Fortify

Fortify, one of the most effective calcium supplementation available in India, can be consumed by both men and women who are deficient in vitamin D and calcium. It fulfills the daily requirement of calcium, vitamins, and magnesium to help maintain healthy bones and prevent deficiency disorders.

Now that you know the significance of supplementing calcium and vitamin D, wait no more- Go grab your kit of Fast&Up Fortify to stay healthy and strong!

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