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Published : Feb 25, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022


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The body uses two main sources of fuel to feed the muscles when during intense activity like running — fat and carbohydrate. Fat is an abundant resource but is broken down into usable energy slowly, thus making it an ineffective fuel source. Hence, your body relies on carbohydrate as its primary fuel source. The problem with carbohydrate is that our body can only store a limited amount in muscles. The body can store about 90 minutes worth of glycogen if stocked up via pre-race carb-loading, but after that, there is a risk of running out so extra fuel needed. Simply speaking, energy gels are designed to replenish carbohydrate stores that are depleted when running, cycling, or during any other form of physical activity. It is also one of the best energy supplement for athletes.

Use of energy gel

Since carbohydrate is stored in the muscles and blood, one’s performance relies on using the glycogen stored in the muscle. For glycogen to make its way to the muscles, it must first be digested, then make its way through the intestinal wall, and then finally absorbed by the muscles. This process takes time and isn’t very efficient. However, gels will often “wake you up” in a very evident way since the brain only runs on the glucose stored in the blood. As the muscles begin to absorb more blood glucose, the brain gets less glucose and starts to get hazy. In summary, energy gels help replenish the glycogen and calories one is burning during an intense physical activity like running, cycling etc.

When should you take them?

The timing of when one should take the gels is very individual. Each individual absorbs and processes carbohydrates at a different rate.

How often should you take them?

As mentioned earlier, the speed at which one is able to digest and process energy gels plays an important role in how often they should be consumed. Keep in mind that the simple sugars from the energy gels will first be absorbed into your bloodstream as glucose. The sugar will stay in the bloodstream until absorbed by the working muscles or other organs. So the runners should decide based on their requirement.

FAST&UP ENERGY GEL is a unique combination of Maltodextrin and Caffeine in a compact and easily transported from to help provide an instant energy boost of approximately 102 Kcal in a single serving gel sachet. With the proprietary Liquid gel technology, FAST&UP ENERGY GEL helps ensure quick absorption for a power-packed and unmatched performance. 

Instant Energy Drink for Cycling

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