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Essential Supplements for Shooters

Published : Aug 14, 2019 5 mins read Updated On : Sep 14, 2023

Importance of food and supplements for Shooters
Sports nutrition for shooters is of high interest for the body to get everything it needs to stay focused and perform well.  It is normally assumed that foods and supplements do not play an important role in the game performance and it’s only dependent on skills. In shooters, good nutrition is essential for maintaining normal health and getting that extra performance edge in the game. The other two other aspects are to stay weight stable for better balance and not have tremors or shaky muscles while shooting. 

Following are the factors that are affected also due to the food that you intake that are required for the shooters in their game:

1. Eyesight
2. Upper Body Strength
3. Muscular Control
4. Breathing Control
5. Pro-position
6. Concentration
7. Blood Flow/pulse
8. Rest/ Sleep
9. Balance

In shooters, dehydration can impair focus and concentration and can negatively impact skill and co-ordination and hence, the game performance as well. Shooters should drink adequate fluids to maintain good hydration levels during training and competition. Sports and hydration drinks are useful as part of a fluid plan during events as the fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte mix can improve fluid absorption from the gut, improve mental focus and promote fluid retention.

Fast & Up Reload formulated with the right balance of ingredients like Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidant, Carbohydrates is an effervescent hypotonic hydration Supplement for electrolyte replenishment and optimal hydration. Made with premium effervescent technology, Fast&Up Reload with Caffeine which is another variant is also available in a convenient effervescent tablet form and offers faster absorption and action without any GI (GastroIntestinal Distress) or side effects. It is available in an easy to carry tube of 20 effervescent tablets.

Essential Supplements for Shooters

Why Caffeine for shooters?
The effects of caffeine (30mg) helps in reducing fatigue and increasing wakefulness and alertness have been recognised over various studies. Several studies have shown enhanced performance with increased work output and time to exhaustion with added caffeine. Also when dehydration sets in, mouth and tongue becomes dry, eyes become sunken, individual becomes lethargic, weak and the level of consciousness decreases, it helps with increased hydration, endurance, mental stability, focus, energy, alertness and clarity to improve hydration status and performance along with electrolyte replacement.

WADA Compliant, Fast&Up Reload electrolyte supplement with Caffeine Boost is India’s First Informed Choice Certified hydration drink. Informed Choice is a globally recognised quality assurance certification program which certifies the quality, purity and safety of product and and does not contain any banned or prohibited substances.

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats responsible for most of the brain and mental health benefits of fish oil. They are of two types-Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to positive performance and support maintenance of healthy life. DHA is crucial to normal brain functions and brain efficiency, as it works on cellular level which helps one to learn, think, and remember with greater intellectual and positive emotional stability. EPA helps maintain healthy circulation and heart function. It also helps to manage joint discomfort, fatigue and maintain joint health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for shooters as they help reduce inflammation, increase oxygen delivery, increases the hand-eye co-ordination and allow maximal amount of oxygen-rich blood to reach our working muscle cells. Certainly, the role omega-3 fatty acids plays in the human body is really crucial. They are abundant in the cell membranes of brain cells, preserving cell membrane health and facilitating communication between brain cells which is very essential for hand-eye and brain co-ordination.

Consumption of Fast&Up Promega supplement with a high content of 1250 mg of Omega-3 rich fish oil in 60 softgel capsules can help you safeguard your body's requirement of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Essential Supplements for Shooters

Magnesium and Zinc are vital nutrients that are involved in many important processes, including healthy nervous system and energy production. Without enough magnesium and zinc in the body, the muscles remain tense which causes them to spasm and twitch.

In shooters, due to holding the heavy equipments, muscle cramps and pulls are common. Also, as it acts on CNS system, it helps in balance while performing which is a cognitive function. Magnesium helps to power more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body and the supply needs to be replenished every single day. Deficiency of Magnesium and Zinc over a period of time can also express itself as fatigue, low energy, muscle tension, insomnia, inability to sleep, cramps and spasms, migraine, headaches, depression, anxiousness and nervousness, abnormal heart rhythms and digestive issues which affects the performance highly.

Fast&Up Magnesio features highly absorbable 300mg elemental magnesium and Zinc which is ready to work instantly in a tasty, effervescent drink that promotes healthy magnesium and zinc levels to help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Essential Supplements for Shooters

In shooters, where a lot upper-body muscle strength is used, the post training period is considered as the most critical part of nutrient timing and consuming the proper ratio of nutrients during this critical post-workout time not only initiates the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue but also helps in restoration of energy reserves. Amino acids are known to have a positive effect with respect to post-exercise muscular adaptations. During the competitive season the application of amino acid supplementation could maintain or potentially improve performance when the athlete is competing at maximum intensity. The efficacy, availability, safety, and ease of application of EAA and BCAA supplementation to enhance net protein balance, muscular recovery, and adaptation to exercise makes them an ideal supplement for all populations in pursuit of performance outcomes.
Fast&Up Recover is a post-workout nutrition supplement with complete profile of all 20 vegetarian amino acids with Glutathione for instant post training muscle recovery. This effervescent muscle recovery supplement helps you with an array of performance enhancing effects that are imperative to reach the next level in performance. This ideal post workout drink promotes protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown to help you prepare for your next game.

Essential Supplements for Shooters

These are the some of the essential Shooter specific supplements that are required for getting the extra performance edge. To check other daily supplements for maintaining overall health Visit here

Essential Supplements for Shooters

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