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Energy Gels for Running: How They Work and When You Should Take Them

Published : Jul 25, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 14, 2023

Running is the best aerobic exercise for the heart and lungs of a person. It helps to keep weight under control and helps one stay fit and healthy. Running is a great stress buster and helps to fight emotional strain and depression. It is often said that running helps to reduce the risk of various diseases and this makes running the best exercise to lead a healthy life. Running also boosts the energy levels of a person and enhances his creativity. Running ensures the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person.


Why Runners Should Use Energy Gels?

Running requires energy. The human body has to produce enough energy to enable a person to complete the desired distance. His energy requirements can be fulfilled by Energy Gel. Energy gels provide the energy required for a particular exercise. Instant Energy Gels are rich in carbohydrates and are mostly made from a blend of sugars, namely fructose and maltodextrin. Many runners make use of these gels to fuel their bodies to run for long distances. These gels are easy to consume and help runner maintain his energy and fight against stress and fatigue for a prolonged period. Energy Gels are a source to gain energy quickly.

Tired Runner

Energy Gels for runners are quite beneficial. The foremost advantage of using Energy Gel is that it helps to maintain adequate energy levels and combats fatigue and helps to deal with stress. Many gels have added electrolytes which help a runner to stay hydrated which is essential for running long distances. Some gels also help to reduce muscle damage and help runners stay injury-free. Energy Gels are easy to carry for a runner because they are lightly weighted so the runner does not have to carry heavy loads with him. All these benefits make Energy Gel a very fast and convenient source of energy.


When to Use Energy Gels?

Most of the runners have this question of when he/she should consume energy gels. The ideal time to consume them is 15-20 minutes before the run. But this varies from person to person depending upon his height and weight. A person who is feeling low on energy levels can also consume it at the time he feels that he/she drained out of energy. However, it is always advisable for a person to consume Energy Gels before running.
Energy Gels for runners in India are the source of energy which is stored in concentrated form which helps to regain energy lost while running. A runner has to choose an Energy Gel which helps him meet his requirements. Fast&Up Energy Gel has to be the best choice for a runner.
Fast&Up Energy Gels are an instant source of energy and contain maltodextrin and added caffeine which helps a runner stay hydrated and focused on his goals. These are liquid gels that are ready to consume and are smooth and easy to digest.

Energy Gels for Running: How They Work and When You Should Take Them

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