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Energy Gels for Runners- How Do They Work and Why You Need Them

Published : Mar 31, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Most people wonder why use energy gels when you can just stick to sports drinks and energy bars. Well, there are plenty of reasons athletes and runners in particular use energy gels. Before we move into those reasons, let us first peek at energy gels and its beneficial effects on your body.

Energy Gels-How Do They Work?

Energy gels are undoubtedly one of the most effective and convenient way to fuel your body during a marathon or a running race. The human body uses two types of fuels- mainly carbohydrates and fats while running or training for a marathon. As it is difficult for the body to break down fat to use as a source of energy while running, it relies primarily on carbohydrates for energy. However, your body can store only a limited amount of carbohydrates, which will get depleted half way through the marathon.

This is exactly when you should consume energy gels as it contains carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar, which can be easily processed by the body to be used as a source of energy. Sugar, which is present in the energy gel, is absorbed by the body and converted into glucose, which instantly spikes your energy level. Fast&Up Energy gel, one of India’s favorite instant energy drinks is the perfect mixture of maltodextrin and caffeine, made specifically for any kind of endurance activities.

Fast&Up Rapid Energy Gels

Who Should Use Energy Gels? 

Although all athletes benefit from energy gels, runners are among the most common users of energy gels, as they need electrolytes, carbohydrates, and water in sufficient quantity to complete the race. While water can prevent dehydration, it is not sufficient to spike your energy levels while you run the race. Fast&Up energy gel is a great choice for runners, cyclists, climbers, triathletes, and hikers. Energy gels are ideal for all types of athletes, but it is particularly useful for those who undergo endurance activities which deplete your energy levels quickly.

Why Fast&Up Energy Gel?

That is an excellent question! Hundreds of sports drinks and energy gels guarantee maximum performance but not all are created equal. The problem with the majority of these energy gels is that they contain either low levels of electrolytes or high levels of sugar-both of which can have a detrimental effect while you are training. High level of sugar intake can make you sick just as a low level of the electrolyte can lead to dehydration, injuries, and muscle cramps. This is why you need something different and well above your expectations- Fast&Up Energy gel contains the right amount of maltodextrin and caffeine with the right amount of sugar.

It is easily digestible as it contains complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, which is tasty and hardly causes any digestive issues. Maltodextrin has quick absorption powers, which is great for athletes who require instant energy. Fast and Up energy gel also contains caffeine which enlarges your blood vessels and pumps energy into your body and mind. It helps you to stay focused and motivated throughout the race.

Fast&Up Rapid Energy Gels for Runners

When should you take Energy Gels?

It is hard to find a simple answer to this question. Every runner or athlete absorbs carbohydrates differently as each one has a different digestive system. While some runners feel the effect of energy gels within three minutes, some others require more than 15 minutes to feel energized. Apart from the difference in the rate of absorption, the results may also vary according to the type of carbohydrates present in the energy gel.

As you run, your body diverts blood from the digestive system to your legs. This slows down the digestive system, which is the reason why most athletes choose to take energy gels early so that the stomach gets time to process the sugar adequately. Experts suggest that you take the gel in between 45-60 minutes so that there is no chance of excessive sugar consumption all at once. However, runners with a sensitive stomach must choose a 60-minute mark before taking the next dose of energy gel.
Consistent intake of energy gels can do more harm than good as it pumps your blood stream with sugar until the body absorbs it. Nevertheless, you can condition your digestive system to digest the gel effectively by consuming it while you train for marathon. It is necessary to have a well-planned fueling strategy while training to avoid digestive problems, cramps and other similar issues.

Other Facts You need to Know about Energy Gels

There is not even an iota of doubt whether energy gels benefit marathon runners and other athletes or not. But it is not to every athlete’s taste. Energy gels vary from one another in taste and consistency, which is why you need to experiment with different kinds of gels while you train. The consistency varies from thick to thin with a strong flavor. Some flavor can be delicious such as the Fast&Up energy gel, which is available in two flavors mainly strawberry and chocolate. You can choose the best flavor and consistency by experimenting with these gels.

One of the most important things to remember when you use an energy gel is that you need to train with them first before you consume them on the race day. As you run a marathon or a race, your body sends blood to your muscles and legs, thereby reducing the flow of blood to the digestive track system. This slows down the process of digestion, which explains why some athletes throw up gel or other energy drinks in between the race or late into it.

Fast&Up Rapid Energy Gels for Runners

The lack of blood in the digestive track makes it difficult for the system to digest liquid or food, resulting in throwing it out of the system. Energy gels are essential when you undergo endurance activities as it keeps you energized throughout the race. The trick lies in finding the right combination of fluids and gels and conditioning the stomach to digest the sugar for that much-needed extra energy!

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