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Published : Feb 25, 2019 1 mins read Updated On : Sep 14, 2023

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Getting in great shape is the trend which is slowly turning into a lifestyle and so is the use of energy boosting supplements available in the market. The least of the all the activities that one can manage out of his busy schedule is running to stay fit and active unlike the Marathon fanatics focused on Professional marathons primly.

A daily commitment to running in order to enhance endurance, stamina, speed is what everyone focuses upon but giving the body desired nutrition that suits the purpose is what plays the trick when it comes to keeping going for years.

In the prolonged list of energy sources which gear up for runners, Energy gels beings one amongst the latest and unconventional choices is picking up the pace rapidly due to its ease of usage and performance results worldwide.

Energy Gels: How do they work?

The onset of running which with determination needs to be backed up by some pre-workout regimes like stretching. This warms up the body for setting up the metabolism for the activity which requires energy before diving into the venture.

A runner’s prime source of energy is carbohydrate content of the body till they “hit the wall” which is a point where the body is exhausted of its prime fuel making the legs weaker to keep running with cramps as well. Carbohydrates which are stored in the body as glycogen are the energy packs that are utilized as and when the body requires.  Keeping this in mind, Fast&Up has come up with a solution!!! – Fast&Up Energy Gel – A perfect combination of maltodextrin and caffeine.


Maltodextrin which is a chain of glucose is swiftly absorbed into the blood and by the active muscles for energy boosting production along with restoration of the dropping sugar levels as you keep running.

Another tycoon added in Fast&Up Energy Gel that boosts the energy happens to be the Caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the utilization of carbohydrates by the body. This triggers the release of more energy which is required to push through especially on the final laps or terminal miles of a marathon. Caffeine initiates a series of response from the brain that helps to keep you alert and focused making you feel charged up spontaneously.


How to use Energy Gels?

Time intervals for consuming energy gels for runners is a perspective which depending on multiple aspects such as how well a person’s body can absorb gels, the sensitivity of stomach to the gels etc. Fast&Up energy gels are gentle on the stomach making the absorption quicker.

Fast&Up energy gels can be consumed quickly in between the runs whether you are jogging or participating in a marathon run by just Bite-Squeeze action as they are available in portable sachets which can be rolled and tucked into pockets.

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Energy gel can be mainly used while achieving the last laps/miles of a run where the body is most vulnerable to fatigue as the energy bank of the body is on the verge to get depleted. The quick swallow-up of Fast&Up gel rushes the caffeine in the body which alerts your mind refreshing the tiredness whereas maltodextrin fills you up with energy.

Preparing beforehand for an activity such as running needs to be also supported by getting active with a pre-workout supplement. Fast&Up provides with a variety of solution such as Fast&Up Activate that helps in delaying fatigue along with enhanced blood flow to rapid oxygen supply to muscles. As long as making up for the post running essentials to restoring body’s strength is concerned Fast&Up Reload hits the target for you by replenishing our electrolytes while running and also preventing cramps and fatigue.


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