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Bursting the myth - Energy drinks are bad for kids

Sports and energy drinks are most popular among the kids, it is the most emerging market in India. General marketing console is to provide maximum energy even when you are tired with numerous activities. Such is the craze for energy drinks that have replaced our breakfast. But are these Energy drinks healthy is the big question.

Energy Drinks for Kids - Fast&Up 

In this article let’s burst the myth surrounding Energy drinks being bad for kids.

All Energy Drinks are Bad:

This is a common myth surrounding energy drinks, But it is a myth. Yes, most of the energy drinks are loaded with artificial colours, additives etc. But few drinks such as Fast&Up Reload Kidz are formulated with the right amount of essential electrolytes and vital vitamins that helps to provide instant energy, faster electrolyte replenishment and prevents dehydration. It is important that one should always check for nutritional labels and check for any harmful chemicals and claims mentioned by the energy drinks and not just fancy packing.

All Energy Drinks have Caffeine:

Kids most often compare the drink with coffee or pop. But extreme coffee content leads to negative impact on growth and normal development such as increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, dizziness, tremors and numbness. Kids with underlying problems can also have an impact on their gastro intestinal health, behavioural and mood swings. Paediatric recommended hydration drink Reload Kidz is free of any caffeine and in fact provides healthy nutrition in delicious wonder berry flavour.

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All Energy Drinks are Loaded with Sugar and Artificial Colours:

This is true in almost all the energy drinks that are marketed as energy boosters. Excess sugar at such a young age may result in tooth decay or obesity in the long run.

All Energy Drinks are Addictive: The fact that all energy drinks have caffeine as a primary ingredient along with sugar. Parents should know that such energy drinks can be addictive in the long run and have serious negative consequences. Fast&Up Reload Kidz is a natural energy booster for kidz formulated with high quality, caffeine free and clinically proven ingredients.

Bottom Line

The craze for energy drinks among the kids have significantly risen, it is important for parents to keep a track of what their children are having. It is better to replace sugar loaded energy drinks with artificial colours and additives to be replaced with healthy natural energy drinks.

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