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Energy Drink During Workout

Published : Apr 28, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 21, 2024


When you sweat, you lose more than just water. You lose essential electrolytes that you need to replenish. Reload them with India's first low sugar effervescent electrolyte that gives instant recharge and hydration - Fast&Up Reload. Just drop Fizz-Drink and ensure you stay hydrated with the hydration choice of the elite athletes of India. 

Energy Drink During Workout 

We give you a lowdown on how, why, and when to hydrate during workout drinks

Adjust the kind of liquid to the length of your training

    The length of your training is important but equally important is the intensity of your workout. You can have an intense workout even in 20 minutes or an easy 60-minute walk. What stays constant in both scenarios is the need to hydrate. We have suggested your consumption of energy drinks during workouts based on the same:

  • Training 30-60 min – 1 tablet of Fast&Up Reload with 250mL of water.
  • Training above 60 min or shorter, but intensive – Consume an energy drink if you follow this workout routine. 1-2 tablets in your sipper should be ideal. 
  • Training above 60 min with high intensity – In this scenario apart from consuming Fast&Up Reload, you can also consider BCAA for your intra-workout training for added muscle endurance and strength

Drink not only during but also before and after training

During training, sip your energy drink every 15-20 minutes (150-250 ml), and after training drink at least 450 ml of water with your recovery supplement. It is also important to drink before your training. Drink a minimum of 350 ml of liquid 30 minutes before your workout since if you begin your training without proper hydration, you will make your body dehydrated faster.

Drink water in small doses and slowly

Lack of liquid intake for half of training and then suddenly drinking large amounts is not a good solution. You have already dehydrated your body and hence it is better to sip your energy drink during workout regularly and not rapidly.

Avoid the factors increasing water loss

Avoid training in rooms where it is too hot and that will lead you to sweat more. Higher humidity leads to the slowing of our body’s ability to cool down quickly. 

Energy Drink During Workout

Control your hydration

The recommendations regarding the amount of liquids we should drink during training are a significant guideline, however, you are the best judge for your body. If you experience scotomas in front of your eyes, especially during workouts it may indicate a water-electrolyte imbalance. Similarly, muscle pains and contractions are the signs of too little sodium and potassium levels in the organism.

Another indicator of liquid deficit in the organism is stomach aches. Another symptom is the change of color and consistency of urine – if we are dehydrated it gets thicker and darker. Remember to hydrate smart to make every workout count. Choose an energy drink that will replenish your electrolytes and give you the desired energy. Shop for India’s favorite instant energy and hydration drink.

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