Why is Cricket Called a Summer Sport

Cricket in Summer

We all have done this – as soon as final exams gets over we have ran to the playing ground without even changing our clothes carrying bat and ball in our hand. Quickly the teams are divided and match begins. Rest of the day is spent playing cricket and next day we all decide to meet early in the morning so that others do not occupy the ground and we get to play on the main pitch. This activity is repeated throughout the summer vacations.

Cricket in Summer

Cricket is game where players face a lot of stressful situations and if they do keep themselves fit well they will injure themselves. Proper hydration is an effective way to keep oneself injury free after proper training and stretching. Hydration help a cricketer stay fit both physically and mentally which boosts their performance and help them reach their maximum performance level. However, while playing in scorching heat, cricketers face the problem of over hydration. When body expels more water than it actually takes, cricketer’s become sluggish, suffer from cramps, body movements become uneasy and performance gets hampered. Thus, hydrating the body is vital being fit.

The human body requires adequate hydration to perform well. Hydration leads to absorption of water from the human body. This loss of water is subjective and is dependent on a person’s weight and height. A person needs to hydrate well in order to remove all the toxins from the body and stay healthy. This toxins if not removed may lead to energy loss, muscle constraints and fatigue. This hampers the performance of a player and as a result he/she needs to sweat well.

Cricket in Summer

One of the effective way of staying hydrated is through drinking adequate amount of water especially in summers. Most of us used to carry our bottles to playgrounds to keeps ourselves hydrated and fight fatigue. These days those bottles have been replaced by sippers. Sippers are easy to carry and handle and also drinking water is convenient. Fast&Up Italian Sippers are convenient, leak proof and squeezable which do not smell and make water taste bad. They have capacity to hold 500 ml of water and are made up of premium materials in Italy. For more information on Italian Sippers click here.

Also, along with drinking water one needs adequate amount of electrolytes. Electrolytes help a body to absorb necessary fluids from whatever a person drinks. Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine India first Informed-Choice effervescent drink helps to boost physical and mental performance by replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat while playing cricket. It helps to fight muscle cramps and increases mental focus and alertness. Click here to know more about it.

Cricket in Summer

Playing cricket in summer is the best part about vacations. However, cricketers need to keep sweating and hydrating well in order to remain fit and scale newer heights. Performance can be boosted by hydrating well and remain healthy. Also, staying away from injury makes one excel in his/her field. Drink water and maintaining the balance of electrolytes is a must for every cricketer.

Neel Visaria

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