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Coronavirus Symptoms & Recovery Day By Day In India

Published : Jun 18, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

Coronavirus Symptoms & Recovery Day By Day In India - Fast&up

After you test positive for Covid-19 test, the recovery process immediately. While the recovery begins, you may also see a change in the symptoms of the virus that one experiences change day by day. This is because the virus begins to inflict more damage on the body leading to various health issues. One needs to monitor the symptoms as they may get unmanageable and especially take utmost care on days 5 to 10 of the recovery period.

Symptoms & Recovery during Initial Days

During the initial days of the infection most people feel mild symptoms of the coronavirus. These include headache, loss of smell and taste, mild fever and sore throat. Even many positive cases are found to be asymptomatic. This is just the beginning and the virus can damage the body in no time if people don’t follow the recovery process. One must start following strict home-isolation, a good diet inclusive of various nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin C, Protein, NAC, etc. and wear a mask to ensure healthy recovery.

Symptoms & Recovery during Middle Period

Middle phase which is generally from day 5 to day 10 is the period where one experiences the actual severity of the virus which further determines the complications one goes through post recovery. In order to fight against the virus, the body produces antibodies which may lead to some health complications and people start to observe other severe symptoms. Feeling of breathlessness is generally found during this stage along with high fever, fatigue and tiredness and few even suffer from diarrhea.

Corona Symptoms in India - Fast&Up

Intensity of the symptoms increases day by day and one needs to be given medical treatment immediately if the SpO2 levels fall below 95% or a person is not able to breathe easily or the fever has risen too high. This period is also marked by major issues in the respiratory symptoms especially the lungs as the virus starts to damage healthy cells which causes discomfort, inflammation and breathing issues. Worsening health conditions will demand hospitalization of the person.

The recovery process during this stage depends upon the intensity of symptoms. If the intensity is low then the measures taken earlier can be followed with more importance given to keeping the respiratory system especially the lungs and the immune system strong. Those who have severe symptoms must seek further medical treatment and consume N-Acetylcysteine or NAC to heal the lungs ,to protect the lungs from further damage and promote lung recovery.

Symptoms during Later Stage

Symptoms during later stage

After the second stage of the virus, due to the immune response combined with the effects of various other measures like good nutrition, breathing exercises and medical help; one observes that the severity of the virus will start to gradually decline. This highlights that the body is now recovering and is starting to heal the damage. A person may still experience a few symptoms like fatigue and tiredness, may have mild fever and can slowly experience that the loss of taste and smell is now starting to come back. Post-COVID fatigue is quite common and one should make sure that he/she meets protein requirements for energy, repair body damage and to boost the immune system as well. Consumption of NAC should be continued to help lungs recover back to good health.

This is how the symptoms are experienced by a person and the road to recovery goes hand in hand with it. Those who have Covid-19 symptoms should immediately start the treatment process and not prolong it. This will facilitate the recovery process and help you get back to being in a healthy state quicker. Seek medical advice during all the stages of the infection.

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