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Blood donor is a life saver, a life-giver, a life enhancer. Blood donors donate blood which gives another person a chance at life. It may be his relative, a friend, a close person or any random human being who needs help and blood to survive. Donating blood is equivalent to contributing to humanity because it’s ultimately the humans who get benefitted with the blood and the blood donor gets the pleasure of saving a human, saving a life. 14th June is celebrated worldwide as World Blood Donor Day to encourage such blood donors and make people aware of blood donation.


Before donating blood one must make sure that he is certified to donate blood and has not consumed alcohol in last 24 hours, have slept well and are free of any sort of disease. Make sure that you drink ample amount of water before donating the blood and keep yourself well, hydrated which will help you to reduce fatigue and fainting post blood donation. People down with flu, cough and cold are advised to not donate blood as it may affect them adversely. To make sure you are free from them, click here.


Once you donate blood to make sure you replenish what you have lost instant to avoid fatigue and exhaustion. Replenishing of energy will help you to not get tired and lessen your stress while it will boost your energy so that you do not lose out on your daily tasks. The donor should ensure that they do not lift any heavy item after donation, especially with the donating arm. They should avoid doing any physical exercise or shall not play any sport which might lead to fatigue and stress. The donor should ensure that his body gets enough rest, care and nourishment to regain the blood and ensure smooth blood flow throughout the body. They should eat and sleep well after donation.

Donate Blood & Save Life is the ultimate goal of a blood donor and while one donates blood, he has to make sure that his health is not affected unduly by donation of blood. Consuming vital vitamins, minerals and taking care of the body will ensure a healthy heart which will pump blood efficiently throughout the body and maintain the overall wellbeing of a person.

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