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Best Zinc Supplements in India

Published : Apr 21, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 13, 2023

Zinc is one of the most essential trace mineral. It is known for supporting various body functions and systems including the immune system. It is a mineral that is available in animal protein, like oysters, turkey, red meat and shrimp. Many plants, pulses, legumes, seeds and nuts are also infused with zinc. Zinc is highly essential for the functioning of over 300 enzymes.

Best Zinc Supplements in India

Zinc assists in the proper functioning and growth of cells that are responsible for a healthy immune system. A strong immune system helps in fighting various bacteria and infections that a human can catch on a daily basis.

It is very necessary to have an adequate level of zinc in the body to support an overall wellbeing of the body, it’s also helps in playing a major role in different enzymatic reactions in the body. Zinc can be known as a key element in the DNA and protein synthesis, maintenance and repair of tissues, it also supports the health of eyes, regular appetite, taste and smell. In an advanced level, zinc can also provide a helping hand for the body’s defences against free radicals, free radicals are compounds that have the potential to damage DNA and cells.

Zinc is found in abundance in grains and legumes as well. Despite consuming zinc rich diet, if there’s a short fall in the daily recommended dosage, one can opt for supplements. Zinc in supplement form makes sure that our body gets the specific amount required. The best zinc supplements are ones that are bound to a compound to enhance the mineral’s absorption.

It is important to ensure that the body is getting the required amount of zinc in the form of either supplements or food, failure to do so can result in deficiencies. Zinc deficiency symptoms can be mild to severe. Some of the major deficiency are low appetite, stunted growth, hair loss, and diarrhoea, weight loss, delayed in wound healing, and suppressed immune function and so on.

Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Magnesio both have Zinc that helps the body to have an adequate amount of rest and makes the immunity strong. Fast&Up Charge has the dual action of Vitamin C from 1000 mg Natural Amla Extract plus 10mg Zinc to help boost immunity. It helps to strengthen and maintain daily immunity. While Fast&Up Magnesio contains 300 mg Elemental Magnesium + 10 mg Zinc which help improve sleep quality and reduce muscle cramps.
Fast&Up Zinc and Immunity Supplements
Zinc is very important for numerous aspects of health including immunity, skin health, eye health, etc. It’s crucial to get enough, but not excess.

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