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Best Energy Gels for Running

Published : Jan 28, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 21, 2022

Best Energy Gels for Running

Running is one of the best forms of exercise. There is a rise in the popularity of running in urban cities. Runners need a high amount of energy quickly to boost their performance. Endurance is crucial for any runner who wants to be an avid runner and run for a longer distance.

The best way to achieve the maximum results is to consume instant energy foods. Energy gels are the most preferred form of energy drink amongst the runners. They are much more energy dense. They are convenient to carry and consume. Unlike energy bars, you don’t have to worry about them melting in heat or hardening during cold. Energy gels combats fatigue and helps to deal with stress during intense activity.

There are many energy gels for runners in the market. But what type of energy gels is most useful to the runners? How do they help runners? How do you choose the best one? One must consider the following things before choosing an energy gel.

Sugar and amino acids

These are the two most important ingredients. Best exercise gels are the ones that replenish glycogen storage quickly. Carbs are added in the form of maltodextrin in most of the energy gels. Carbs hit the bloodstream the fastest. The best running gels are also high on amino acid content. Muscle breakdown happens during intense running such as a marathon. A key function of amino acids is to repair damaged muscle. Hence, the energy gel must contain a good amino acid blend.


Dehydration is the most common symptom of running, especially if you run in hot weather. Dehydration causes loss of electrolytes that can lead to fatigue, tiredness, loss of balance and dizziness. This means you constantly have to drink liquid with electrolytes. This leads to bloating which is not good for a runner. Hence, energy gel containing electrolytes are preferred, as it does not cause ant bloating.

Caffeine – Good or bad

There are many energy gels that contain caffeine. Caffeine helps someone who is running a marathon as they provide that extra kick in the last mile. However, if the caffeine level in your body get s very high body may want to shut down in order to stop the intake of caffeine. Caffeine can also cause energy crashes if consumed excessively. Hence, one should be careful while consuming caffeinated energy gels for running.

Fast&Up Energy Gels are designed with unique liquid gel technology. They are available in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated forms. They are gentle on the stomach and minimises the risk of being bloated that can occur with over-drinking when consumed with water. They help to promote performance and decrease muscle fatigue. They do not cause any GI distress.

Fast&Up Best Energy Gels for Running

Energy gels are becoming increasingly popular amongst runners because of their utility. The technology is more sophisticated and the benefits are more visible. The energy gel that is best suited for you depends on your stomach tolerance and workout. So choose accordingly.

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