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9 Must Haves For Garba This Navratri

Published : Sep 22, 2017 4 mins read Updated On : Aug 16, 2022

Don't be a popat, dance the popat

For many, it is autumn. Ask a Gujarati and this is the season of Garba! Navratri is a beautiful time of the year where the festivities go for nine nights with increasing aplomb and the colors & music engulf you to usher a month of festivals. With Navaratri starting on September 21, 2017, and continuing for nine days until September 29, Indians around the world celebrate Goddess Durga with garba. Garba is a Gujarati form of folk dance that has several components to it. In general, there various types of garba dances but raas, using dandiyas (or sticks) is the most popular one. If you are a Garba Guru, then you already have your Garba Kit, but if you are (like this author) a Garba novice and cannot differentiate between popat and sanedo, then this blog is for you! So sit back, and make notes if you want to slay during this Garba season. Ae Halo Halo!

1. Dressed to Thrill

Garba is all about the fashion, 9 nights just mean 9 different ways to take your outfit game to the next level! For women, they can decide from an array of options of chaniya choli, lehengas, skirts, saris or even the simple kurti-jeans staple. (Fun fact - the dressing up part is the author personal favorite)


Why should girls have all the fun? Don't fret guys, even you get to experiment a lot with fashion during Navrati. The men at garba can choose from the play-it-safe Kurta and Jeans, the I-think-garba-is-fun Dhoti Kurta, and the this-dancefloor-is-mine Kediyu and Dhoti. Saras!


2. Shoes

Leave those glittery pumps at home and choose for comfort. You can opt for the traditional mojiris to elevate your look or even opt for chappals. The garba is one time when you can live out your happy fantasy of dancing without shoes cause bare-foot dancing is exactly what serious Garba enthusiasts prefer! MAST!

3. Jewellery

This is something that guys even you can experiment with- think Ranbir Singh in Raam Leela! Jewellery is a big part of Garba attire, you can choose from an array of silver jewellery to go with your look which will ensure everyone goes, Bau Saras!


4. Kohl

Garba is time for some #KohlGoal - kajal can elevate your look from pretty girl to diva or from pretty boy to a man with serious emotions! Just kidding. But kohl is gender neutral and can help to give your look an edge! Try it, trust us.


5. Dandiya Sticks

Based on your dandiya, people know how great a dandiya dancer you are! (Really) Colorful, wooden dandiyas: Traditional, which means that you know your shit. Thin, metal dandiyas: You have started catching on the #RaasLove Metal dandiyas with a hole for the finger: You're so new to this! You need a beginner dandiya version (the author swears by them!)


6. Dance Moves

So now you are ready to go to Raas, but it will help to know a few moves, otherwise it will be similar to what happened to the author during the first Dandiya Raas.


If dancing is not your thing, to give you an incentive - Garba is not just song and dance, rather an effective way to burn calories while you socialize with friends! While you dance in a group, you do not realize the amount of aerobic exercises you perform. Experts say that a group activity like the do taali or teen taali garba, that involve a lot of twirling, jumping and clapping, can count as a full body workout, if done at fast or medium pace! Now that is having your cake and eating it too!


7. Fast&Up Reload

You are dancing, you are sweating and you definitely need a Fast&Up Reload! Garba can be considered a high intensity workout and to ensure the dance doesn't stop - you need something stronger than water - you need water with Fast&Up Reload! Reload is an easy to use electrolyte drink that replenishes you with the salts that you lose while you sweat. It gives you the energy you need in a super refreshing berry good taste! It is super convenient to carry (it can fit into your clutch) and you can have it anywhere - just pop, drop & drink this tasty fizzy drink while your friends wonder where you are getting this abundance of effortless energy from!


8. Perfume

Matches are made during garba! Trust us, you will be needing this.


9. Food

The post garba hunger can leave even the most well stocked kitchen empty. So go ahead, eat all the chats, pav bhaji you desire - you have earned it!


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