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8 Commonly Heard Stereotypes About Athletic & Fit Women

Published : Mar 06, 2018 2 mins read Updated On : Apr 04, 2024

Yes, I am an athlete, and I am proud to be one!

Let's face it, ladies, we are all crushed under the litter of stereotypes set by the people around us. When it comes to athletic, fit, and built women, you can expect to hear the lameest of things! Here are 8 things to read: annoying? women get to hear this often! We are sure you can relate and let out a laugh! Read on. You don't look like a girl who'd be into athletics or sports!?


Yeah, sure. Because I am supposed to tattoo it on my face? Or is it because I have a pretty girl face? Stop judging, can you? What do you know about fitness? You're a woman!?


Sorry, but not sorry. Since when did fitness become gender biased by boycotting women? Never! Being fit is necessary for everyone, so why differentiate? Don't you think you're too muscular for a woman? You look so manly!?


Don't you think you're getting too entitled to comment about what a woman does with her body? If we are spending time at the gym, bigger muscles are what we exactly want! And no, it does not make us. But women's health supplements should have slim or curvaceous bodies!?


And people like you should stop stereotyping. NOW!? Can women lift??

This one is quite common. * rolls eyes * Umm yes, we can! And sometimes, lift better than men. Want us to show you how?? How do you manage during? those days??


Most women hear this from other women. Oh, and btw that, do you mean during my PERIODS? I can very well lift and work out, it is safe and relieves my cramps. You could try it too, really! Wow, you know a lot about fitness, for a girl! I am impressed!? tumblr_mrd1kagWJa1s7pipjo1_500

And you mister, do not know what a turn-off such statements can be. Anyone could be interested and educated about fitness, it is just about a choice!? You spend so much time at the gym, don't you have kids and family to take care of?? ?? Strong-Women-Get-Shit-Done

Married women often get to hear this and are expected to give up everything for their families. Ever heard of multitasking? We, women, do it like pros! Seriously, ladies, we know how frustrating it is to hear all of the above.

This Women's Day, make a pledge to ignore people who criticize you or try to pull you down! Lift that damn weight, run that marathon and be proud, always!


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