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6 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Published : Mar 07, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Apr 04, 2024

They say “Behind every Strong Man is a Strong Women, “Every sane and thoughtful man or woman on the planet will agree that their mother is their entire world. The majority of us would say that our mothers have been the driving force and pillars of our lives. Mothers are the earliest representation of womanhood and how women administer so many values in our life, therefore this is understandable. Women play a highly diversified and colourful role in today's world, as we can see. They have even ascended to heights that men are unable to achieve. Women's Day has evolved over time, and we now value and honor it.

Every year on March 8, International Women's Day (IWD) is a day of celebration and activism for women's rights and equality around the world.

6 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Here are 6 ways to get together with your girl gang and celebrate Women's Day:

1. Start your Day:

A positive start to a day or a venture always ends with positivity. Making sure that you start your morning with a positive note like basically a healthy breakfast packed with protein vitamins and nutritional drinks can help you achieve your day actively and in a healthy day.

2. Achieve Personal Objectives:

This is an important-but-terrifying task you've been putting off. There's no better way to mark the accomplishment of a difficult endeavor than with a party. This International Women's Day, make your success a present to yourself. Set goals and objectives for you this year and try achieving them to the fullest.

3. De-Stress:

Use this day to pamper yourself with all that you have been wanting to do. Set an appointment visit the spa and down all your stress away and relax. Pamper yourself with doing all the girly things you like e.g. Paint you nails , go for your makeover, meditate, listen to calm songs, or even go shopping.

4. Hit the gym:

Beauty is like inside out, keeping in mind that looking good only on the exterior does not suffice but cleansing our body with the right foods like protein, carbohydrates, and fat and also essential vitamins and minerals that help us provide energy. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

5. Donate to the Needy:

In addition, consider donating to a worthy organization on this memorable day. Many organizations are working to assist girls and women all over the world. Donate as much as you can to any charity that you like. In many ways, women are struggling against domestic violence, for economic independence, and for justice. Assist them in whatever manner you and your family are able. It will undoubtedly cause you to give your life purpose.

6 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day - Donate Needy

6. Get together with all of your female friends:

International Women’s Day looks like a fantastic opportunity to meet all of your friends, at least those that live in your area. It can be "high tea" or a dinner party, depending on your and your guests' preferences. If you want, you can eat lunch together. Nothing beats celebrating the special day for women with all of their female pals. You can also go for a relaxing spa with your besties and release all that stress out. And keep yourself hydrated and fit.

We wish you a wonderful International Women's Day in the year 2022.

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