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5 Things to do this World Vegan Day

Published : Oct 31, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023

November 1st of every year is popularly celebrated as World Vegan Day around the globe. Vegans all over the world happily celebrate this day by promoting the inarguable benefits of being vegan. Veganism has seen a meteoric rise in past few years, with many people including celebrities going Vegan with an aim to upscale their health standards and also end cruelty towards animals thereby protecting the environment. 

Fast&Up World Vegan Day

Vegan Day celebrations will be held throughout the globe and here are 4 Things that you should do this World Vegan Day - 

1. Understand Vegan Diet Benefits

There are a range of benefits associated with adopting a Vegan diet. Vegan Diet helps you to maintain proper body weight. Vegan Diet helps one to build plant based immunity strong enough to prevent and protect against various diseases. This helps one to live a healthy and happy life. Also, there are few other benefits like reduction in blood sugar lever, improved kidney function and so on.

2. Adopt a Plant Based Diet

Vegan Day has been founded to promote the consumption of healthy food free from animal cruelty. This may create a myth in your mind that such food is taste-less and boring but this is absolutely wrong. Vegetarian delicacies are amazingly tasty and you will fall in love with each and every dish. This comes with the added advantage of consuming a nutritious diet which helps to maintain your health and well-being

5 Things to do this World Vegan Day

3. Spread Green Eating Awareness

Not all are aware with the benefits associated with eating plant based diet and this World Vegan Day provides you an opportunity to actively promote it among your family, friends, society, etc. This will help your near and dear ones to understand its importance and will be a positive step in the direction of healthy life-style. In current situation, you need not go out, just stay at home and use the power of Social Media to spread Green Diet Awareness.

4. Save Animals, Save Earth

Cruelty free eating was the main motto that led to the movement of Veganism and subsequently animal lovers adopting Vegan diet for the safety and protection of animal and also keeping health benefits in the hindsight. Still animals are not safe and as humans it’s our responsibility to protect them. Just Save Animals and you will ultimately contribute to Saving our Planet Earth.

5 Things to do this World Vegan Day

5. Go Green with Fast&Up Terra

Fast&Up Terra has dynamic range of Plant based Products that will help you to go Green. Curcumin, Organic Spirulina, Active Greens and Plant Protein are all products that are 100% based on plant and are 100% nourishing. They are gluten free, soy free, contain no added sugar and are made of clinically tested ingredients. Fast&Up Terra is Raw, Natural and Unprocessed which helps you enjoy clean and high quality Nutrition.

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