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5 Reasons You Should Add Amla To Your Kids Daily Diet

Published : Jan 28, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023

Amla which is fondly known as the Indian Gooseberry is well-known for the health benefits it provides due to the presence of Vitamin C in large quantity. This fruit has antioxidant properties and is excellent for your child too. Adding Amla to your kids daily diet can help your child not only develop a strong immunity but it has various other benefits related digestion, skin and others which will help your child build a healthy body for years to come.

5 Reasons You Should Add Amla To Your Kids Daily Diet

Here are 5 reasons to add Amla to your kids daily diet –

Helps Fight Diseases

Amla being a great antioxidant gives your child the ability to fight against common respiratory diseases like cold and cough caused due to flu. Several studies have also shown that it helps to battle out elements causing bronchitis and asthma as well. This sums up that Amla is one of the better options to try when it comes to treating such disease.

Aids relieve Gastric Problems

A major problem that kids these day face is gastric issue that occurs due to the food that they eat like packed chips, sodas, oil food items and others. These food items are not healthy and lead to formation of gas in the stomach which then affects your child’s overall health. Amla helps relieve such gastric problems and helps your child stay fit and healthy.

5 Reasons You Should Add Amla To Your Kids Daily Diet

Provides Vitamin C

As mentioned earlier that Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, it helps nourish your child’s skin too. Their soft and sensitive skin gets the needed nourishment from Amla. Vitamin C also helps to regulate hemoglobin levels, improve eyesight, supports iron absorption and protects healthy cells of your kid’s body thereby aiding healthy living.

Boosts Immunity

It is no hidden fact that Vitamin C helps boost immunity and making your child have amla everyday can help him/her in this regards. A strong immunity will mean that your child is capable enough to prevent and win over the germs that cause cold and other infections. Amla is prefect for your child’s daily health.

Aids Digestion

Amla’s power of aiding digestion comes from the presence of Chromium in it. Now, chromium is a special trace element which helps your kid’s body to digest food easily and carry out the entire digestion function smoothly. Also, it increases your kid’s appetite by which a major problem that most Indian moms have “mere bacha bohot kum khata hai” gets solved.

Amla and its benefits cannot be ignored but making your child have amla daily may not be that easy due to its taste. You as a parent can think creatively to add amla in their diet to help them live a healthy life. A tasty drink can be an amazing way to ensure that your kid gets the goodness of Amla daily.

5 Reasons You Should Add Amla To Your Kids Daily Diet


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