India Vs Pakistan Champions Trophy Final 2017, Champions Trophy Final 2017

5 Reasons Why Every Indian is Always Excited about India Pakistan Match - Champions Trophy Final 2017

Champions Trophy 2017 Finals

When India romped to victory once again showing their utter superiority on the pitch with the comprehensive landslide victory against Bangladesh with 9-wickets left and 59 balls to spare, India stormed into the Champions Trophy 2017 Finals and guess with who? None other than Pakistan!!! For any Indian, Finals are never Finals, if they aren?t with their arch-rivals Pakistan!! And with the stupendous win in the semi-finals against Bangladesh, everyone?s prayers seemed to be answered to witness the epic final match between INDIA V PAKISTAN this Champions Trophy 2017 #CT17. The match everyone seemed to be awaiting with all GLEE! INDIA V/S PAKISTAN is not just a match, but an emotion for every Indian. As soon as India-Pakistan match hits the ears of any Indian, Every Indians gets all geared up, all prepped, gets an Adrenaline rush and has all plans in their head as to how are they going to enjoy the India-Pakistan match and make the most of it (For Twiterrati, troll them the most sometimes). After All, it?s not every day that these two teams play each other. Right? Here are 5 REASONS WHY EVERY INDIAN IS ALWAYS EXCITED ABOUT #INDVsPAK CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2017

INDIA VS PAKISTAN Champions Trophy final

Cricket is considered as a second religion in our country. When it comes to cricket matches, every Indian leaves aside their caste, creed, religion, etc. and comes together to enjoy the most of the match and cheer together for Team India! INDIA INDIA! It?s this time when every Indian gets the ?INDIAN? out of him and when all Indians are glued to the television to see India win! Well, quiet literally! #BLEEDBLUE #INDvPAK #CT17 2. THE DAY WITH THE MAJOR FEELS

Champions Trophy 2017

India ? Pakistan has everyone exhilarated for that epic clash between India ? Pakistan final match for Champions Trophy 2017. It?s indeed the Day with the Major Feels! The much hyped India - Pakistan match has everyone on the edge of their seat, skipping heartbeat scenes, glued to the television, Blue jersey on, adrenaline rush, aggression on, Popcorn ready and FAST&UP RELOAD . YES! Sounds like a checklist for India ? Pakistan match! Major Feels, Major Preparations! #BLEEDBLUE #INDvPAK #CT17 3.#MAUKAMAUKA

Champions Trophy 2017 between India Vs Pakistan

When it comes to India playing against Pakistan, it?s no longer just a game of cricket, it?s far more beyond than that! It?s an EMOTION! A heightened emotion! For that much famous rivalry between both the nations, this final match of Champions Trophy 2017 between India Vs Pakistan seems like a #MAUKAMAUKA for every Indian to exhibit their patriotism towards their country. It?s another #MAUKAMAUKA

While you feel thirsty chanting INDIA INDIA! Hydrate yourself and enjoy the Finale with FAST&UP RELOAD and Reload yourself to celebrate this #MAUKAMAUKA #BLEEDBLUE #INDvPAK #CT17

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4. It?s not just a match, it?s a FESTIVAL!

Ind vs Pak champion trophy finale

It?s this match when the world comes to a stop for both the nations across the border. With every wicket, every boundary, every six, you can see fireworks in the sky, drums being played, hugs being exchanged, celebrating with friends, neighbours, families , etc. everyone who supports your team. With time India-Pakistan Final match for Champions Trophy 2017 on a Sunday, it?s indeed not a match, but a FESTIVAL DAY for every Indian. Let us #BLEEDBLUE this #CT17 #INDvPAK

Champions Trophy Final 2017



Virat Kohli has displayed his amazing captaincy skills this CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2017. It was great to see him back in form post a devastating IPL 2017 season. While we witnessed him score almost a century in the semi-final match between India ? Bangladesh this Champions Trophy 2017, we are all excited to see our very own captain KING KOHLI lift the Champions Trophy 2017 #CT17 #INDvPAK #BLEEDBLUE


With INDIA Vs PAKISTAN the most anticipated match of the year, you can see all Indians go gung-ho, wear their love on their sleeves, chanting INDIA INDIA! With the much hyped final match being associated with strong emotions. Let us not forget the true spirit of the game and enjoy this final match of INDIA Vs PAKISTAN with the true sporting spirit.

Go India Go

#GameOn #ReadySteadyGo #GoIndiaGo #BleedBlue #INDvPAK #CT17 #FastandUp

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