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5 Left Corner Defenders who could have a Huge Impact in PKL 2019

Published : Aug 14, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Aug 08, 2022

Pro Kabaddi League is back for its season 7 and is expected to be the toughest of all the seasons. The team which will defend well will be able to survive the competition and emerge victoriously. In defence, Left Corner is a very crucial position. With most of the raiders being right raiders, left corners need to do double duty of saving bonus points and at the same time getting oppositions ace raiders out of mat.

5 Left Corner Defenders who would make a huge impact in PKL 7 are -

  • Amit Sheoran

Leading the charge for Bengaluru Bulls at the left corner will be Amit Sheoran. Amit is an exciting prodigy who was awarded Defender of the match in Bulls inaugural match against Patna Pirates in PKL 7. He is very athletic on mat and raiders need to vary of his diving thigh hold as his force and tight grip make it next to impossible for them to escape.

5 Left Corner Defenders who could have a Huge Impact in PKL 2019

Amit plays with high intensity on the mat. He is always pumped to perform better and during the entire duration of the match, his energy levels are always high which help him ace his game.

  • Sandeep Kumar Dhull

Sandeep is a super tackle specialist as he has the ability to single-handedly catch hold raider. He is the second-highest scoring left corner in the history of PKL. His brute force and non-bailable diving thigh hold help him maintain efficiency in super tackles.

  • Fazel Atrachali

An Iranian name which has become very common in Indian homes is of Fazel Atrachali. He is very agile and strong and makes full use of his extra speed to dash out raiders. And yet he is very calm and composed under pressure and U Mumba has made him their captain on the basis of this skill and leadership qualities.

5 Left Corner Defenders who could have a Huge Impact in PKL 2019

  • Girish Ernak

Playing for Puneri Paltans, over the years, Girish has made a name for himself in the World of Kabaddi with his never-die-attitude. He likes to dash out raiders to score points for his team. He has been a consistent performer in the previous few leagues and will be the leader of Pune’s defence department.

  • Surender Nada

Surender Nada is a fearless left corner defender who is known for his tight ankle-holds. He is among the top defenders of the league with 80 points. He is an attacking defender who will play for Pirates in PKL 2019. His performance helped U Mumba to win the 2nd Season and would want to replicate the same this season.

5 Left Corner Defenders who could have a Huge Impact in PKL 2019

Nada’s ace move is holding the ankles of raiders which require him to stay focused in order to get the timing right otherwise raiders will easily escape and get points against his team. Mental performance is key to his success.

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5 Left Corner Defenders who could have a Huge Impact in PKL 2019

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