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5 Interesting Facts on Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Published : Aug 14, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

India – The place where Kabaddi originated, has always been a force to reckon at the World stage with India winning 3 out of 3 World Cup tournaments. Since the inception of PKL, Kabaddi has reached newer heights and has helped players to further enhance their game. Some players have shown shone brightly at the center-stage and left their mark on everybody’s mind in PKL.

5 Interesting Facts on Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Here are some fascinating facts about Pro Kabaddi League:

  • Rohit Kumar – First Player to score 30 Points in a Single Match

Bengaluru Bulls Captain became the first player to score 30 points in a single match when he scored 32 points in the match against UP Yoddhas. Rohit went berserk against Yoddhas as he used his trademark move – Frog jump to great effect to deceive each and every defender of the Yoddhas. This performance of Rohit came in Season 5.

5 Interesting Facts on Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

  • Pawan Kumar – Most Points for any Player in Finals

Hi-Flyer Pawan Kumar has the record of scoring most points by any player in finals. He scored 22 points against finalists Gujarat Fortune Giants in Season 6 to script a remarkable come from behind victory for Bulls. Pawan was also awarded as Best Raider of the match and Most Valuable Player (MVP) of Season 6 for his total tally of 282 points.

When Pawan is on the mat, he plays with very high intensity. He is always pumped to perform better during the entire duration of the match. As his energy levels are always high he can bring out his A-game.

  • Pardeep Narwal – The Record Breaker

Pardeep Narwal is The Record Breaker of PKL as he has almost every record to him name that a raider can get. He has 876 Raid points, 38 Super Raids and 45 Super 10’s – highest in each category and is only second to Rahul Chaudhari in successful raids and total points in the history of PKL.

5 Interesting Facts on Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

  • Manjeet Chillar – The Unbreakable Wall

317 Tackle Points, 302 successful Tackles and 23 High 5’s; Manjeet is undoubtedly a ‘One Man Army’ of PKL. Manjeet Chillar has been a seasoned campaigner at each PKL season and has consistently performed in all the seasons to be at the top of the charts of PKL.

Manjeet blocks the way of the raider on the mat. This move requires great muscle strength otherwise the raider will easily deceive him and escape to score points against him.

5 Interesting Facts on Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

  • Anup Kumar – the Only Player to feature as Captain in 3 Consecutive Finals

Arjuna Awardee Anup Kumar has immensely contributed to Kabaddi and PKL. Apart from being the highest point scorer in the inaugural season of PKL he also holds the record for featuring in 3 back-to-back finals as Captain for U Mumba. His leadership skills and ability to stay calm under pressure earned him the title of – Captain Cool.

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