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Published : Jan 08, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 15, 2023


2GO Bangalore Mountain Festival aims to set tracks and amenities for its athletes that are at par to those of international standards for similar events. It has been achieving this target since its inception!

2GO Bangalore Run is going to be the toughest trail track in India which covers four hills with rocky roads and inclines. It is going to be one of the toughest one and challenging races you will participate in 2019.

Fear is temporary, regret lasts forever!

Train hard, experience the adventure with an incredible view and the glorifying nature.

The race falls under three categories:

  1. Trail Run- 10 Km
  2. Trail Half Marathon- 21 Km
  3. Open Men/Women- Elite Championships.

Participate, add some adventure to life, experience and build memories!

2GO Bangalore Mountain Festival 

The event will provide you with:

      First Aid support

      Energy Support

      Certificate and Medals

      Event Pictures

      Pick and drop from- Kanteerava Stadium


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Event Name: 2GO Bangalore Mountain Festival

Date: 27th January 2019

Place: Avanti, Devanahalli, Shatayu Retreat.

Registration Details: Open till 10th January and also only first 1000 entries are available.

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