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Zinc-Rich Diet Foods to Boost Immunity During Winters

With the temperatures falling day by day, we all have now known that winter has finally arrived and the coolness of the atmosphere can be felt strongly. With winter cool breeze there also comes are your season illnesses and other discomfort like joint ache, ear pain, etc. At the same time it is festive and wedding season in India which makes health care more significant to keep oneself free and away from such diseases and stay fit and active.

You may have the opinion that locking yourself in your hoe will be an ideal solution but this isn’t practical. What you can do is maintain enough distance with those who have cold and cough so that you don’t fall prey to those transferable diseases. You can also help your body stay healthy and fit by giving it much needed help in the form of right nutritional supplements which will help you to build a strong immunity

Zinc Supplements During Winter - Fast&Up

Zinc – The Magic Mineral is a mineral which is essential to help your body fight against germs and bacteria present in the atmosphere. Zinc is effective in preventing and protecting human body from cold and other related illnesses. Also Zinc plays an important role in shortening the duration and reducing the severity of cold in healthy humans. Zinc possesses some serious powers due to its strong anti-viral properties.

Getting Zinc in the required quantity may not be easy from your daily diet and hence, you need to take help of supplements to bridge that gap. Zinc Supplements which have 12 mg elemental zinc are the best for both men and women. Since low Zinc can be a threat to your immune system as Zinc acts as a bodyguard to your immune system by protecting against harmful agents and Zinc Supplements can help fulfill your daily requirement of it.

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Fast&Up Zinc + Tulsi is India’s First Effervescent Zinc + Tulsi supplement which contains the powers of Zinc combined with Natural and Standardized Tulsi Extract for your daily immunity and general well-being. The combined effect of both these elements supports anti-viral activity to form a strong defence against harmful pathogens. Fast&Up Zinc helps to fulfill daily requirements of Zinc by providing 100% RDA of Zinc, i.e. 12 mg Zinc and with no sugar.
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