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The Rise of Plant-Based Milk in India: A Healthier Option

Published : Jun 16, 2023 4 mins read Updated On : Jun 30, 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of plant-based milk in India. Not only do they offer numerous health benefits, but they are also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to dairy products. In this blog, we will discuss the various health benefits of plant-based milk and explore popular alternatives like almond and oat milk. We will also compare their nutritional value with that of dairy milk and help you choose the right one based on your taste preferences and nutritional requirements.

Health benefits of plant-based milk

Milk allergies? No worries! Plant-based milks like almond and soy make for great alternatives to cow's milk in India. They are low in calories and high in nutritional content such as potassium and calcium. These non-dairy beverages also come with additional benefits such as being lactose-free and containing healthy fats that benefit heart health. Add some flavor to your diet with oat or coconut based plant-based milk alternatives!

• Improves digestion and absorption

Plant-based milk India's improving popularity is driven by health and environmental concerns. One significant benefit of consuming plant-based milk is improved digestion and absorption. Being lactose-free makes it an excellent option for people with lactose intolerance. Moreover, the fibre in plant-based milk regulates digestion and reduces constipation while aiding in bone health with added calcium and Vitamin D.

• Low in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol-free

Plant-based milk alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in India due to their nutritional content. Pea, oat, almond, soy, coconut & hemp are some of the most popular plant-based milk options available today. These non-dairy beverages are rich in potassium & calcium, lactose-free & contain no cholesterol or saturated fat, making them ideal for those with allergies or lactose intolerance.

• Rich in omega-3 and omega-6

Plant-based milk offers ample nutrition to your body, especially with its richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. These essential fatty acids are crucial for maintaining healthy functioning and reducing the risk of heart disease. Moreover, plant-based milk alternatives are lactose-free, making them suitable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Additionally, they are low in calories, which makes them an excellent option for those striving towards weight management.

The Rise of Plant-Based Milk in India: A Healthier Option

Almond milk for lactose intolerance

For those with lactose intolerance or looking for a dairy alternative, almond milk is an excellent choice. Besides being a great source of nutrition with high levels of vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium unlike cow’s milk that contains saturated fat and cholesterol. Almond milk is versatile in its usage it can be used while cooking or baking dishes or in making healthy smoothies and other beverages. The high fibre content of almonds is beneficial for a healthy digestive system. Constipation and other intestinal difficulties can be lessened and your digestive system can remain healthy by drinking almond milk.

Oat milk for high fibre content

Looking for a dairy-free milk option? Oat milk is a delicious choice. Made from water and oats, this plant-based milk alternative has a creamy texture and slightly sweet taste that you'll love. Oat milk is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies. Plus, it's vegan-friendly! Give oat milk a try and enjoy the benefits of this nutritious beverage.

Oat milk has been established as supporting good digestion since it has higher dietary fibre than other plant-based milks, including almond milk, according to research published in the Journal of Functional Foods in 2020. Fibre is essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, binding cholesterol, ensuring regular bowel movements, and making us feel fuller for longer. As eating foods that contain beta-glucan has also been related to gut health, oat milk is beneficial for the digestive system. The beta-glucan concentration in oat milk does have a good effect on general gut health, according to a 2017 study. According to the study's findings, it increased intestinal metabolism in 26 healthy individuals. They consumed a pasta enhanced with barley beta-glucans (3g/100g), as part of a two-month diet regimen. Consuming a diet high in fibre encourages fullness and improves appetite control, lowering the need for between-meal snacks.

Plant-based milks are becoming increasingly popular in India's health industry as a dairy-free alternative. They offer various health benefits and cater to those with lactose intolerance or vegan diets. However, it is important to ensure they have adequate calcium and protein levels.


Plant-based milk is gaining popularity in India as a healthier alternative to dairy milk. It provides various health benefits such as improved digestion, lower saturated fats, and higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. With a wide variety of plant-based milk options available, including almond milk, oat milk, and pea milk, you can choose one that suits your nutritional requirements and taste preferences. By adding plant-based milk to your diet, not only can you improve your health but also support a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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