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Stay Energized and Hydrated: The Importance of Electrolyte Drinks

Published : Dec 12, 2019 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024

The biggest key to a healthy body and mind is staying hydrated. Unfortunately, most Indians fail to have the daily recommended amount of water every day.

There has been awareness and education on the importance of hydration, but many people don't take it seriously enough. Water performs endless functions that keep your body healthy and in the best condition, and your daily intake of water can determine your overall health. When our organs don't get enough water, they begin to lose functionality fast and that leads to sickness.

Why you need to ‘Sip’ an electrolyte drink?


Dehydration symptoms come in a range of forms, with the most common being headaches and difficulty concentrating. Thirst is another common trigger but can be confused oftentimes with hunger or overlooked. Other signs of dehydration include muscle spasms and lethargy. Dehydration can also manifest itself in the form of kidney pain and acute condition may also require medical help.

Just keep sippin'

Dehydration gradually increases as we get older, so the older you are, the more water you need to consume! The average consumption of a person should be to drink 8 - 10 glasses (or 2 liters) of water every day to keep their body flowing with the right amount of fluid after all the human body is made up of 70-80% water!

If you find it difficult to keep track of your hydration, we have made it simpler for you! When you sweat, you lose more than water. You lose electrolytes that are essential for your energy and hence it is important to replace the lost electrolytes. Fast&Up Reload can help maintain and replenish your energy and electrolyte stores. While plain water is great for consumption, but if you are doing an activity and sweating, adding electrolytes to your water will help to rehydrate you faster and you feel recharged to continue with your activity.

If you find yourself getting thirsty during exercise, it’s often too late - you're already dehydrated! At this time, water won't be enough. Thus, you should aim to reload your water with Fast&Up Reload - India's first effervescent electrolyte drink that helps to instantly hydrate and recharge you.
Fast&Up Reload is made of 5 electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. It is hypotonic in nature which means it will help you to hydrate faster and is low in sugar making it a balanced electrolyte drink. It is an effervescent tablet that you drop in 250 mL of water, you let the tablet dissolve completely and then drink. This ensures you can make your electrolyte drink whenever you want!

Electrolytes are for Everyone

Fast&Up Reload can be consumed by anyone who is above 8 years. Whether you are sweating in the gym, or just because your day has been mad busy, just remember if you sweat - then you lose electrolytes and you need to reload them in with Fast&Up Reload!
Fast&Up Reload is low in sugar making it diabetic friendly. Reload is perfect for any activity, fitness or sport. It is great for those who are active during their day and need something to help feel less tired and give them an instant recharge to keep going.

Transform Your Water

For those who lead an active life, one tablet of Fast&Up Reload per day in a glass of water is good to ensure you don't get tired during your busy day. But those who sweat often in the gym, Zumba, running or any fitness activity - you can have 2 tablets of Fast&Up Reload in a bottle of water since the number of electrolytes lost will be higher. Even if feel you have had more than the required amount of Fast&Up Reload, you will lose the excess in the form of sweat or urine. The color of your urine will also help you to determine that you are hydrated because of your better hydration practices.
Why you need to ‘Sip’ an electrolyte drink?
Hydration So Easy - Just Drop - Fizz - Drink

To have Fast&Up Reload, all you need is a simple 3 Step Rule! Just drop one tablet in 250 mL of water, et is fizz and dissolve completely and drink! Instant hydration has never been so easy! Do you agree? Don't need to carry single-use plastic energy drinks or try to create your own mix by carrying various things. All you need is one effervescent tablet of Fast&Up Reload!

Choice Of Elites Of India

Did you know Fast&Up Reload is India's first and old electrolyte supplement to be Informed Choice certified? Informed Choice is a voluntary UK based certification for sports nutrition supplements that assure athletes and the international organization of quality assurance cause every batch is tested to be compliant with WADA standards. Fast&Up Reload is the choice of elite athletes of India and as you know - if you want to play like a pro, you need you to fuel like a pro! 

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