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Why to stay fit? 5 ways to stay fit and healthy

Published : Oct 08, 2018 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

Health and fitness should always be the top priority for a being yet it's always neglected due to our busy city schedules. The root cause of illness is our poor immune system and health conditions. As age passes by, overall health and cardiovascular wellness becomes an important factor. Even though it's tough to take out time, one must take out at least 45 minutes each day for exercising in order to stay fit. Now, how to stay fit is another dilemma with so many fitness programs out there. Actually, you can stick with any until they are helping you reach your respective fitness related goals. We would give you some real basic habits you should probably start with to start a healthy lifestyle. So, lets list them up!

1.Sleep early & wake up early:

It's always said that one should sleep between 10:30 to 11 pm and dining by 8 to 8:30. This is because our body is meant to work this way. Our body do need a deep good sleep of about 7 hours in order to stay healthy. Lack of sleep leads to heart disease, obesity and it's countless.

2. Stay hydrated:

We always need to flush out the toxins out of our body. And how can we do it. By staying hydrated. One should drink minimum of 2 liters of water. It is always better to sip on water throughout the day. Recent studies show that, drinking 500 mL of water temporarily boosts the metabolism. There are endless benefits of being hydrated. Some are like preventing muscle cramps, avoiding headaches, maintains regularity etc. Fast&Up Reload is loaded with a proper dosage of electrolytes and complex sugar to give you some instant energy and help you get rehydrated with amazing flavors. Also, you can just pop a tablet into 250 mL of water and sip water throughout your busy schedule.

Why to stay fit? 5 ways to stay fit and healthy

3.Stay happy (ALWAYS!):

Honestly, this should not even be a point since staying happy is the most important thing in life for physical and emotional health. Anyway, there are few ways to stay happy in life.
a. Meditate- It is very important to have inner peace for one's betterment. So, one should always take some time to shut the outer world and meditate. It helps you to calm down, thus being a great stress buster.
b. Think right- Though meditation and positive thinking goes hand by hand, it is really essential to avoid stress in life. It's okay if things don't go the way we want but the right thoughts motivate us to work harder instead of stressing over it and whining.

Why to stay fit? 5 ways to stay fit and healthy


Studies says that, our body releases endorphins which is similar when a person smoke. You get the point here? Exercise is the best way to stay fit. Age and busy schedule should never be a barrier. Exercise not always mean weight-training, it can be brisk walking, swimming or any kind of physical activity. Fast&Up BCAA helps you smash your activity be any with 10 grams of pure amino (5 gm BCAA 2:1:1). Thus, it helps you stay on track, help you recover for next workout, build muscles and burn some fat.

Why to stay fit? 5 ways to stay fit and healthy

5.Right nutrition:

With right exercise, comes right nutrition. The nutrition must always be on track with balances nutritional values (carbs, proteins, fats and fibers). We should avoid eating processed food and prefer home-made. Also, if the schedule is very busy meal prep becomes really helpful. Green leafy vegetables are rich in many nutrients, healthy lean protein sources be fish, eggs, chicken breast etc. Complex carbs should be preferred over simple carbs. Foods like oats, quinoa, sweet potato etc. are great source of complex carbs. One can also supplement few nutrition like vitamin C for strong immunity, multivitamin etc. Fast&Up Charge contains a proper dosage of 1000mg of vitamin C with 10mg of zinc. It boosts your immunity, preventing common flus to affect your fit days.


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