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Why Do Runners Need Whey Protein?

Published : Jun 25, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024

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Running is a great cardiovascular exercise and those who are professional athletes who participate in various runs and marathons need to fuel their bodies with the necessary nutrients to run the extra mile. The worst feeling for any runner is not being able to run the predetermined distance and one of the major reasons for such failure can be improper food intake like eating too close to running or not eating at all or eating the wrong choice of food items.

While all the runners focus on how to fuel the body before their run, many of them forget the importance of refueling their body post-running so that their muscles can start to recover. When you fuel your body before your run, your focus should be on consuming such items, which have carbohydrates to give you energy, but when you are refueling your body after your run, your body ideally needs protein for muscle recovery and strength.

Why Whey Protein After Cardio?

Whey protein comes from cow milk and has high protein content in addition to being rich in all amino acids that are required for muscle repair and recovery. Consuming a whey protein shake post-running can help in quick energy restoration after a workout. One can easily add a scoop of whey protein powder to a smoothie, shake, oatmeal, or any baked item and consume it. Whey protein for runners acts fast and aids your body in the muscle repair process. 

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What’s The Best Time To Take Protein For Runners?

The best time to consume your protein supplement is after your run and not before it as consuming protein prior to the run may make your belly feel heavy. Consuming protein right after your run will help your body revive and rebuild your tired muscles. Whey Protein for Running is not an easy exercise to do and when you have whey protein, it absorbs fast and aids in quick muscle repair, which can be extremely beneficial for every runner’s training and recovery.
Another important requirement for healthy muscle growth is a stable nitrogen base and protein will help the body with that as well. Those who have whey protein after their run can observe that they will not feel as sore the next morning and their energy levels will be high too.

Remember – Consume High Protein But Low Calories

Staying lean helps runners run fast. And thus, a runner should ensure that he does not consume more calories in his/her quest to promote muscle repair and recovery. This makes it imperative for a runner to find the right balance between consuming enough calories and maintaining their physique.

The human body uses protein for muscle repair and growth and later stores it for calories and fats. Protein is a great nutrient when it comes to weight management as it makes you feel full. The runners feel extreme hunger post their run and a protein shake can help satisfy your need. Plus, it is a healthy option to have and it also helps to avoid overeating due to its appetite suppression effect. Having whey protein after running will help keep the calorie intake low.

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Best Protein Powder For Runners

Runners should keep a few things in mind before selecting the best protein powder for themselves. The first point to consider is the requirement of protein that you have and the quantity of protein provided by the supplement. Buying a flavored protein powder will not do any harm but one should consider the presence of any added colors or added flavors as it may not be healthy. Thirdly and most important is the quality of protein supplement and the fact that it is free from any banned substance as consuming such supplements that are low in quality or have any harmful substance can not only affect your health but also result in other legal complications.

A protein supplement, that meets all these criteria, is Fast&Up Whey Advanced. Fast&Up Whey Advanced is designed to provide superior quality whey protein from Europe with grass-fed whey superior performance. It is fast digesting, smooth texture has no added sugar, and is banned substance free. This protein powder is ideal for professionals such as athletes and runners to build lean muscle mass, strength, and unbeatable performance.

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