Protein Powder for Weight Gain

Published : Sep 29, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Protein for Weight Gain - Fast&Up

    Putting on extra kilos is comparatively easy than fat loss but you need to be cautious. Gaining healthy weight is not same as gaining fat as fat gain will cause your weight to rise but in the long run, you will have to face many other health issues that come with excess fat. To gain weight you can easily munch on to junk food items like pizza, burger, fries, etc. but these are nothing but excess fats. Gaining healthy weight is not an easy task but if you increase your protein consumption, you will achieve it without any health complications.

    While every 1 in 2 Indian is obese or over-weight, there is a fair percentage of population that is underweight. One of the major reason behind this that every 8 out of 10 Indians have a protein deficient diet. By following a high protein diet to meet your daily protein requirements, you can definitely gain few kilos and reach your ideal weight. Let us find out how that happens.

    How do you gain weight?

    There are majorly two ways to gain weight. These include one – to increase your calorie intake and two – to do strength training. Yes, proper diet is important but only diet won’t help you achieve your weight goals. You need to exercise as well. Muscle are made of protein and getting calories from protein is the best option for anyone. It will help you to get enough calories and other nutrients that are required by the body to gain healthy weight and ensure normal body functioning. 

    Weight Gain Protein Foods - Fast&Up

    How protein helps to gain healthy weight?

    Protein helps to get enough calories especially when your calorie need is higher than the calorie consumption. This helps you slowly gain weight even if you have a low appetite. In addition the aminos present help muscle development. Thus, protein helps you to gain healthy weight and not fat by promoting muscle growth. Protein helps weight gain by –

    1. Promoting anabolic environment
    2. High nutritional value
    3. Boosting metabolism
    4. Providing more calories
    5. Muscle mass growth and development

    The importance of protein for weight gain is evident from the benefits mentioned above but there is one more fact that you cannot ignore is that you simply cannot get enough protein from your daily diet and thus, you need to take help of protein supplements to help you achieve your daily protein requirements.

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    Which protein is best for weight gain

    When choosing a protein supplement, look for one, which provides you high protein at good absorption rate. Whey Advanced from Fast&Up firmly fulfils both these criteria. Each serving of 30.4g this protein powder provides 24g clean protein with 5.5g naturally occurring BCAA that supports superior muscle strength and recovery and helps to gain and manage weight. However, if you are lactose intolerant then you must go for plant protein  supplements. 

    Protein Supplement for Weight Gain

    The Bottom Line –

    Many Indians face underweight problems and increasing their protein intake can help them gain healthy weight. However, getting higher amount protein only from your diet may be difficult and you need to consume protein supplements. Make a protein shake, add to it lots of fruits like strawberries, bananas; nuts, ice cream, chocolates etc. and have it daily with your meals daily to gain healthy weight.

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